Ian Chu

Frontend Developer

I work for an AI software company. I am responsible for two teams' Frontend websites. We use React.js as a front end tool.

Six years ago, my father's signboard company needed to build a website to promote business, so I started to learn how to create websites. Finally, I created a website and changed jobs to work as Frontend Developer.

I worked as frontend developer for about 5 years. I realized how to improve web performance and optimize SEO from the frontend side. 

I have worked in marketing, so I am familiar with improving SEO and Google Analytics, Google tag manager. 

I am interested in building complicated websites.

Frontend: HTML / CSS / JavaScript / React.js / SEO 

Backend: Node.js / Next.js

       Blog: https://ianccy.com


Senior Frontend Engineer  •  MoBagel

August 2021 - Present

Build an open source library for internal use.

Individuals working for core product development.

MVP step product from 0 to 1.

Improve web performance. Decrease resource size by one third.


React.js, Typescript, Ant Design, Webpack, Rollup

Frontend Engineer  •  FeverSocial

June 2018 - August 2021

Responsible for SaaS product development and maintaining.

Three product editors (zines, form, promo) and admin tool development and maintaining.

Use React.js to refurbish websites.

Build new product from 0 to 1.

Improve website performance. Google site speed ( older version ) scores from 19 to 64.


React.js / Redux / Material UI, Node.js / Next.js, Tag Manager, Google Analytics

Frontend Engineer  • SnailHouse

December 2016 - April 2018

Use React.js to build a mobile version interface for searching.

Connect Google Map API, Google App Script API

Use local storage and cookie, session storage to handle visit history and login logs.

Write JavaScript and support multiple browsers that include IE9.

Build reuse component.

Improve SEO that Google Analysis's session almost grow 85 percent.

Website Marketing  • Taiwan Knowledge Bank

October 2014 - Devember 2016

Responsible for TKB e-commerce platform SEO planning and Google analytics, Google Adwords.

Write JavaScript and CSS effects for the blog's effects and event page.

Write content for improving SEO.

Improve Google analytics session growing  by 3 times.


Github Repo Search 

Connect Github api. Use virtual scroll to handle scrolling of large problems. 

And use infinite scroll to fetch data.
Create a hit rate manager to handle api request limit.


React.js,  Material-UI, Emotion, ESlint

Source code: Link

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Form Editor ( FeverSocial )

Use React.js to develop a new product.

Form is like Google Form. You can use an editor to create different input to collect user response. And you can use webhook and tracking tool to track conversion.


React.js, Redux, React Router, Redux-thunk, react-i18next, emotion, ESlint, Jest

Product introduce: Link

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Promo ( FeverSocial )

Use React.js to refurbish it. 

Improve user experience and use Material-UI to create reusable components.

Build multiple promotion event features, which are Red Envelope Rain and Upload Photo Comment Contest.


React.js, Redux,  React Router, Redux-thunk, React-i18next, emotion, ESlint

Feature Introduce:

Red Envelope Rain: Link

Upload Photo Comment Contest: Link

Profile 06 00@2x
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