Adam Chen

1995/ 01/ 23

TEL: +886-9-79-833-252
[email protected]


Fu Jen Catholic University, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Degree: Bachelor of Statistic and Information (2013-2017) 

Grade Average: 64.7 



Sales clerk (Part-Time) 

May 2013 – June 2014 

Ju Fu Fashion Development Corp. 

Sales agent

Jan 2014 – March 2015 


Assistant Manager

Feb 2016 – Dec 2016 


Fu Jen Catholic University Rock Music Club 

Vice Director 

Feb 2014 – Jan 2015 

Fu Jen Catholic University Student Union 

Students’ Council Members 

May 2015 – Feb 2016 


Computer Software:MS Office、SAS、SPSS

Programming Languages:JAVA、C++、R、Python

Languages : TOEIC 820/ 990


   My name is Chun-Ting, Chen. I was born in Kaohsiung city. After my parent divorced, I moved to Taipei with my mother, then I was 5 years old. Since my mother have to work all the time, I need to take care myself when I was very young. That’s how I learned independent and self- discipline. She was an interior designer and retired few years ago. She also likes to do some research in investment, that Inspired me to study statistic and information. My father often asked me to join his business trip. He worked for a company running international gambling business. Since I was young, join those trips really made my eyes open.

  In my school life, I transferred to different many times because my mother. Going to a new environment is a challenge for a boy. But after I grow up, I found that I would not afraid of changing things and meeting new people. Actually I think meeting new friends is really interesting because new friends always have new stories and different backgrounds. You would never know what new friends are going to surprise you. That’s why I like people. After Going to senior high school, I joined rock music club and started to play the guitar. It took me a lot of effort to practice and it also changed my way of thinking, if I take something seriously, then I will get return. Join the club had changed my taste of music, I started following some western musical artist. That improve my ability of English. Also, we held a lot of presentation event to communicate with other school and meet a lot of people.

  After graduating from high school, I applied Fu Jen catholic university statistic and information department. Since I like people and business staff, so I made this decision. Things not going so well in the beginning, because programming languages are really not my strength. So I took a lot of time working on computer science and programming. During college life, I also join rock music club. The different between high school clubs and university clubs is that every events and activities have to do it our own without any support from school, thus, cooperating with other similar clubs is the best way. Several clubs hold one event is normal, we have to plan, organize, lead and control every details together. Two years of students’ club let me make a lot of friends and experience great teamwork. For example, we continued holding music festival in our school every year. Invite known artists and bands. I enjoyed this kind of teamwork and achievement.

  A copy of my resume is enclosed for your reference. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my qualifications at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at 0979-833-252 or via email at [email protected] Thank you for your time and consideration.

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