Shawn Cicoria

Great mix of deep understanding in several key areas - core development, security, data science, web technologies, along with great breadth and skills coming from history of finance work, degrees. Shawn is skilled at everything system development, application development, solution architecture. His experience in working with CxO and executive presentations is unparalleled and unique. A quick learner, deep study, lifelong commitment to making things better, learning more, never done. As a TechLead, he is a product managers dream, with experience in both architecting solutions and delivering them. He fully particpates, taking time to make sure that all team members are up to speed on the technology by actually doing some of the work himselfa rare find.

Senior Software Engineer, Principal Software Engineer, Engineering Manager
New Jersey, US
[email protected]

Work Experience

Microsoft Corporation, Principal Software Engineer, Team Lead, Manager, Jan 2007 ~ Present

Work direct with customers and Azure service engineering and build, deploy production quality Cloud Native Solutions. Aligned with agile orientated approach, XP practices, focused on continuous delivery of quality product.

• Full Stack Engineering, Architecture and Development for product and customer-facing needs. Focus on Open Source Startups, Enterprise Strategic 400, a mix of Linux, and OSS. Primarily Public Cloud with Azure, AWS, GCP, Hybrid deployments

• Agile delivery and ensuring scalability based upon design patterns, unit testing, TDD, tuning, testing in production and networking amongst distributed components and functional microservices

• DevOps - Integration (CI) Continuous Deployment (CD) with Travis, GitHub, Azure DevOps. Development of solutions using REST API Web Services, Security, NoSQL, a custom algorithm for Big Data Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Natural Language Processing (NLP).

• Recent Projects:
- Rewrite major ISV storage platform services moving from GCP to Azure, C++ based. Moved to package management with vcpkg, full cross platform, full OAuth token handling and modern authentication and authorization models, running under Kubernetes as a Cloud Native solution in Azure, and compatible with other providers.

- OpenSource npm package written TypeScript provides JSON Web Token (JWT) and JWKS (key service) simplicity of integration with existing NodeJS applications.

- Popular OpenSource and internal library for ReactJS for ease of integration into Azure Active Directory OAuth B2C or B2B

- OpenSource contributions to many, some bigger names like Doccano (, Spacy (, Docker-lock (

• Product and Service Engineering
- Feature lead and engineer on Blockchain Workbench ( - this was an incubation project from my team after working with many Blockchain customers, like WebJet, Consensus, Maersk, several banks, internal Microsoft Treasury. Incubation lead to proper cloud native solution providing enterprise quality, features beyond "just a blockchain". Allowed for reporting, observability, reliability, scaling, security on the wire, secrets in keystrokes, etc. Now fully owned by internal Blockchain team for features, sustainability, etc.

- React Native for Windows - original port of React Native for use on Windows - now assumed by the Skype/Teams groups, Office Group for sustained engineering and used for clients -

- numerous other OSS GitHub contributions to Microsoft Docs, Open Source Repositories, and Projects -, Kafunk Kafka F# client, Azure Samples for React OAuth, and GitHub org Ethereum, TokenFlow.



New Jersey Institute of Technology - NJIT, Master’s Degree, Data Science, 2019 ~ 2021

The program curriculum uses the Python programming language with its data science libraries and features tools Tensorflow, PyTorch, SciPy, Numpy, R for statistical analysis and Tableau for data visualization. Projects in Kaggle, deep linear algebra, calculus understanding of modern Machine Learning, Deep Learning models that are part of the modern Data Science field. Students work on homework assignments and projects covering both theory and applications on real data with guidance from the professor and teaching assistants


Pace University, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Computer Science, 2012 ~ 2017

Research program, dissertation: Qualitative Analysis of Application Migration to the Public Cloud and Framework for Application Architecture Migration Risks -

Additional writing/research:


Pace University, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance & Management Information Systems

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