Chun-Kuo Wang

Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer @ TSMC

  New Taipei City, Taiwan   


四月 2018 - 九月 2021

Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer  台灣積體電路製造股份有限公司(TSMC)

【Annual Exceptional Merit Award in freshmen year】

.With excellent basic engineering skills in 2 months. (Unique in Manufacturing Dept.)

.Coordinated with the Engineering Team to train technicians at bottleneck station.

Successfully ramped up production of advanced wafer masks (7nm) from 2 pcs/day to 10 pcs/day.

.Oversaw/Analyzed production activities at bottleneck station.

【Management Experience】

.Successfully supervised line leader and workers in 4 shift 20 workers/shift to achieve different manufacturing needs.

.With more than 10 successful hiring technicians experience.

【Chaired manufacturing improvement projects】

.Intelligent Repair Dispatch System with 75% matching rate : took multi factors into consideration to dispatch optimal production to each tool in time. (daily target, lead time, takt time, predicted cycle time, tool status, tool capability, engineering needs/ constraints, and balancing between factories were included.)

.Web KMS : Collaborated with the IT team to perfectly transform the manufacturing system from VB ver. to Web ver.

五月 2016 - 一月 2018

Team Leader of Strategic Planning Department and Industrial Engineering Department  General Shoes Co. Ltd.

Hosted manufacturing projects and set up the Industrial Engineering Department. Directly report to president

【Setting up Industrial Engineering Department】

.Successfully trained 4 local workers to formulate standard operating time/procedures for production.

.Redesigned technician team structure and conducted performance bonus model. (about 7, 000 employees)

.Improved 400% efficiency of equipment inventory by designing and implementing a barcode system.

【Headed Strategic Planning Department】

.Analyzed anomaly production activities by data-driven analysis.

.Chaired capacity expansion planning. (Hydropower planning, Layout design, Automation tool purchasing, Office interior decorating, Facility acceptance, Technician hiring, Sourcing) Executed amount over $10, 000, 000 NTD. Successfully increased capacity by 9, 000 pairs/day.

十月 2015 - 二月 2016

Team Leader of Industrial Engineering Department  Dean Shoes Company Limited

【Data-driven Analysis】

.Led 8 local members to formulate standard operating time/procedures of NPI.

.Managing technician performance bonus model.

.Coordinated with Cost Team to evaluate the cost of jig/manpower for each NPI.

【Manufacturing Improvement】

.Seeking efficiency improving opportunity by Process Analysis Methods.

.Introduced/Evaluated automation of production line.


2012 - 2014

國立成功大學 National Cheng Kung University

Master of Business Administration in Industrial and Information Management

2008 - 2012

國立成功大學 National Cheng Kung University

Bachelor of Business Administration in Industrial and Information Management


  • Industrial Engineering
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Adaptability
  • SQL, Python, C programming


  • Chinese — 母語或雙語
  • English — 進階
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