Clark Hsiung

SET GROUP Video Content Center Vice Director •  TAIWAN,  •  [email protected]

I have been working within the Taiwanese television industry for 16 years. Aside from producing entertainment shows, TV drama is also my specialty. In 2009, I was assigned to produce TV series. In 2016, I coordinated a TV series for GTV Taiwan. Throughout the past 17 years, I have had produced around 200 episodes for TV program and 80 TV series.

KTV Singer Show

2017,94愛K歌, OTT oriented program in Vidol.

Crazy People Party

2014-2016,A Prody series in CtiTV Taiwan.

Family War

2016,TV series 40 episode in GTV Taiwan

Weekend Bear NEWS

2013 Information Variety Show in TVBS Taiwan

My Friend is angel

2009,TV series 40 episode in CTV and SETTV.

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