Lu-Hsuan Chen

Taoyuan, TW 32001

 [email protected] 





  • Full of enthusiasm and solid experience in image processing and machine learning over 3 years, parallel computing over 1 year.
  • C/C++ over 4 years.
  • Python over 3 years.


  • proficient programming language: C, C++, Python
  • familiar programming language: Ruby, Crystal, Java, Matlab, Julia, R
  • parallel computing: CUDA, OpenCL, Pthreads
  • Web backend framework: Django
  • Web frontend framework: Vue
  • Query language: GraphQL, SQL
  • DevOps: Docker, Azure, AWS, Heroku
  • Operating system: Linux, macOS
  • Build system: Makefile, CMake
  • Version control: Git
  • MISC: Vim, Bash, SAS

Work Experience

Research Assistance, Feb 2020 ~ Present
Academica Sinica
  • Create Seismic-wave analysis program (min-max, FFT, gap, overlap) with following characteristics:
◼ Use libmseed to manipulate miniSEED 3.x format data.
◼ Outperform SAC when encountering data with gaps.
  • Create TAPs website for sharing seismic-wave data.
◼ Django, GraphQL, Vue, MySQL
◼ Reduce data query time by 75%.

Software Engineer Intern, Jul 2016 ~ Sep 2016

Weeview Inc.

  • Research the relationship between 3D video and dizziness with the following
factors :

◼ coefficient of barrel distortion

◼ videos with different recording scene such as daylight, night, walking, biking, etc.

  • Create fifteen 3D videos and record the extent of feeling dizziness with me and each member in the office.
  • Create a program which can put left eye and right eye video side-by-side and output the 3D video.



  • Implement SLIC algorithm (with enforcing connectivity) in Julia.


  • Low cost VTuber-project.
  • Detect face key points using C++, OpenCV, and Dlib in 10 ms.
  • Send information to web client via Websocket.


National Central University, Sep 2017 ~ Jun 2019

  • Master of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • Overall GPA: 3.34/4.0
  • Diploma thesis: Fish Image Segmentation and Classification System Design Based on Deep Learning 
    • Create a segmentation and classification system with Mask R-CNN and ResNet-50 classifier for recognizing 41 kinds of fish with 85% of Top-1 classification accuracy of species recognition.
    • Create a fish image dataset containing at least 800 images with labeling

National Central University, Sep 2013 ~ Jun 2017

  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • Overall GPA: 3.35/4.0 


Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

  • 3rd place of excellent achievement in teaching assistance


Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++


Course TA

  • Robot Design
  • Embedded System Design
  • Experiment of Digital Design

Extracurricular Activities

Member, Sep 2014  ~ Jul 2016

Networking and Open Source Community Club

  • Full attendance for every event and always try my best to learn some new technique such as Git, Linux, Python, Ruby, etc.

Freelance Writer, Dec 2019  ~ Present

Analytics Vidhya, Medium

  • Featured writer about Machine Learning and Image Processing.

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