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 Taipei,TW  •  [email protected]

As a software engineer about 10~11 years, especially for Backend in recent 5~6 years, and with some experience as a tech lead (Daily: 60%~70% on development, 30%~40% on management).


Keeda Tech, Backend Lead, Oct 2020 ~ Mar 2021

As one of the initial members for app Swipr, which provides matching platform for Snapchat account exchanging. However, considering personal financial issues, I only support for initial infra structure design and app building until this app is online. The following items are the detailed info in this experience:

• Architecture design and cost management for infrastructure building on AWS.
• Implement backend functions with Java (Spring-Boot) for Swipr which provides about 1.5k 2k normal API calls
(with HTTP status code 200) per minutes.
• Implement Admin portal with Vue.js for Swipr which provides daily-moderation and product management related
functions to our members.
• Implement chat function in App with React Native (GiftedChat) and Firebase realtime Database.
• Perform daily system monitoring/operation and moderation process

Keeda Taiwan (Grindr Taiwan) - 台灣基達, Backend/Infra Lead, Aug 2018 ~ Oct 2020

Design and implement server-side features, management tools for Grindr App, with large amount traffic (million-based users online at the same time), as a Staff Backend Engineer, and also coordinate Backend Developers, SRE, and Data teams (about 20 members) in Backend/Infra Team as Backend/Infra Lead in Taipei office.

* Design and implement backend services with Java, Node.js (vue), Python, and Erlixir/Erlang on AWS IaaS environment.
* Cooperate with SRE team to make backend service from monolith to micro-service architecture, and also from EC2 cluster to container-based cluster (with K8s).
* Build up A/B Test System (including service and UI) with Data engineers to help product feature or revenue-based project decision.
* Coordinate between backend developers, PMs, mobile team, and Moderation/CS team.
* Project management for Backend/Infra projects and App projects (including features and revenue related), and also sync with HQ (in LA) backend team members.
* Perform daily system monitoring/operation and oncall process

Inventec Besta, System Architect, Aug 2017 ~ Jul 2018

• This division provide hardware (server) and software (system and app) integration solution to customers.
• As a technical sale, system architect and software developer to provide system integration solution to customers
• During this year, the following solution are provided to our customers and get good feedbacks:
1. (Node.js + MongoDB) Web application Developer
2. (J2EE) Web application Development
3. (Python with Django) OpenStack Horizon Customization
4. Android app development for functional prototype so that the development schedule can be on-time.
4-1. Simple Web View and push notification app (with FCM).
4-2. BLE connection sample code building (integrate with Sport Wearables)
5. Integration Test Platform for System Software with Jenkins, GitLab / Bitbucket.
6. Provide Several POCs for Sales:
6-1. RedHat OpenShift
6-2. Kubernetes with NVIDIA GPU Container
6-3. Tensorflow Application Tuning
7. Software and Hardware Solution Planning and Quotation.

escapex, Software Manager, Oct 2016 ~ Jul 2017

• EscapeX Music provides apps between artists and fans (almost 1M members to several regions in the world), and all the apps can be found at Google Play and iOS app store.
• As a platform engineer and technical lead to provide EscapeX Music backend service.

1. Architecture Design for EscapeX backend services for Apps on AWS Platform
2. Reduce dependency control error by applying Maven to the current service.
3. Reduce 20~30% cost by migrating service APIs from AWS EC2 to serverless architecture.
4. As a communication bridge between Platform team and other teams (such as QA/DevOps, PM, Android, iOS teams) to speed up the overall project progressing for app services and features.

Trend Micro, Senior Software Engineer, Aug 2015 ~ Mar 2016

• As a software engineer to port File Reputation Service (FRS) into Cloud platform
1. Architecture design on Scan Service with Service-Oriented Architecture in Java and C++ so that daily scan file count increases from 1M to 8M.
2. Apply CI/CD of Scan Service with AWS CloudFormation and Opsworks so that deployment time can be reduce from 8 hours to 1 hour (even less than 30 minutes).

Estinet, Software Engineer, Oct 2014 ~ Aug 2015

Work at Network Operating System (NOS) Team in Estinet.
* System Architecture Design: Overall Architecture design, Daemon and kernel interaction.
* Platform & Image Integration: Development Image Building
* Protocol Implementation: Implement Link Aggregation Control Protocol Daemon, Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group (MC-LAG) Daemon, and leverage Open LLDP on NOS.
* Prove of Concept with Docker: Integrate Docker with NOS and other network infrastructure application.

ITRI, R&D Engineer, Sep 2010 ~ Sep 2014

Work at Cloud Computing and Mobile Application center (CCMA) in ITRI.
Layer 2 Network (Peregrine Project) Team:
* Layer 2 based data center centralized ARP Server and route change notification server.
MIS/IT Team:
* Container Thermal Monitoring System and Monitoring Robot for overheat event handling.
* Large-Scale auto testing framework for server validation.
* Infrastructure SLA and Open Data for IT related Devices to the whole center.
* Container-based Data Center Day-to-Day Management. (Include IT devices, non-IT facilities such as cooling system, power supply system, and network)
* Data Center Management
* Hardware and Software Service Maintenance
* Cloud System Operation and Debugging


National Chiao Tung University, Master's degree Computer Science, 2008 ~ 2010

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National Tsing Hua University, Bachelor's degree Computer Science, 2005 ~ 2008

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