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1. 遊戲邏輯製作、演算法開發。
2. 遊戲底層元件開發與維護。
3. 制定Protocol與Game Client串接功能實作。
4. 與企劃、產品人員討論開發需求及技術實現細節 。
5. 配合團隊溝通與開發,能在職務內獨立作業 。
6. 進行專案相關技術文件撰寫與維護。


1. 具備C++遊戲後端(Windows & Linux)開發經驗3年以上
2. 具備JSON、XML等Web Service及串接Web API開發經驗
3. 熟悉Visual Studio IDE開發環境
4. 熟悉MySQL等資料庫技術
5. 細心且抗壓性高,善於溝通,積極並富有責任感
6. 手機遊戲開發或營運維護經驗

履歷傳送門:[email protected]
聯絡人:Yvette Chen


40K ~ 50K TWD/month

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1111獵才顧問中心Executive Recruiting Consultancy Dept.


About us




1111 Head Hunter is the leading consulting company offering talent acquisition solutions to enterprises globally based in Taiwan.

We have dedicated to providing professional and customized recruitment services for our clients worldwide for decades with our enormous database of professional talents and still keeping refresh the resources extensively across industries and countries.

It is our philosophy to differentiate ourself from other competitors by providing a variety of headhunting service. We are adding values to the service every day by networking with not only various but valuable professionals to enrich our database of talents. On the other hand, our clients come from different sectors, and that gives us opportunities exploring every possibility across industries, which makes us one of a kind in the field.

As an expert at offering distinctive recruiting solutions, interacting proactively with different enterprises, institutions and also talents are our methodology to be closer with our clients and candidates. In other words, we deliver tailored recruitment/headhunting service for every ourself client. The service range we provide is tremendously comprehensive, from a startup, a small business unit, middle/large size company to a conglomerate or even a whole new R&D team. Moreover, there is no difference in regards to compromise to the efficiency of talents delivering with different characteristics of the job opening.

More than that, no matter what industry our client is, we have always referred candidates beyond our clients' professional expectation for years. Therefore, we are rather confident to be the most reliable partner of your outsourcing choice regarding recruitment and human resource consulting.

For years, we are always proud of holding the advantage called 'B.I.C.S.' which makes us the leading brand among the headhunting and H.R. consulting service firms.

Our talent-search service integrates and unites resources from Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and other regions, and has become Taiwan's most comprehensive, multi-dimensional and organized H.R. consulting brand.

Our recruitment service covers the following industries: Electronics, Semiconductors, Manufacturing, FMCG/Retail, Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Banking/Finance, and the industries that related to state of the art such as I.T. industry.

Our young, talented professional and experienced consultants are highly regarded in their industry sectors, thanks to our different industry connections and their professional experience. We can source talented executives not only in the same field but also between domains that might provide new perspectives to your management team.

It is our commitment to deliver professional talents within 7 to 10 days.

Direct Line:02-7743-9288

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