Supply Chain Manager(供應鏈經理)_某知名公司 (3003405)


Job Description

•Work closely with customer on demand, request and changes.

•Manage supplier to ensure material pipeline, production, delivery and other supply chain activities.

•Observe and mitigate supply risks and shortages.

•Control inventory and manage material from NPI, MP to EOL.

•Manage and develop supplier capacity to meet customer demand.

•Monitors supplier' E&O to minimum level and owns recommendations to the disposition.

•Coordinate with cross function team to ensure execution and support company/customer goals and objectives.

•Manage and develop supplier performance. Evaluates and manage vendors to make sure the KPI is achieved.

•Initiate continuous improvement on OTD, inventory and cost.

•Establish procedures, process, report formatting in place to for efficient, sustaining, low cost supply chain.

•Be the first escalation point for the supply chain issues of the projects.

•Deliver reports to management team and customers as necessary.

•Follow all applicable laws, regulations, company procedures, rules, policies, and the company handbook at all times. Perform all tasks and conduct all business honestly and ethically.


•Bachelor degree or above, preferably in operations or business. •3-5 years’ electronical product manufacturing supply chain management experience. •Expert of material, production planning, delivery and vendor management. •Knowledgeable lean manufacturing techniques. •Bias for action and change, strong problem solving skills. •Logical, strong analytical skill. •Experience use of MRP system and MS Office. •Strong negotiation skills, sourcing knowledge and experience. •Good communication and interpersonal skills. •Convincible leader ship and experience of working in matrix report organization. •Fluent English of speaking, writing and reading.


100K ~ 120K TWD/year

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