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Job Description

1.Drive the development and formulation of public communications strategy in Taiwan for the key audiences, taking into account different communications needs amongst different units, sensitivities, language as well as culture, and ensure that it is coherent with the overall ambition in Taiwan

2.Ensure increased and improved awareness identity, humanitarian work and concerns, through delivery of timely information and effective/efficient channels and approaches

3.Ensure concrete contacts and network with key local and international media representatives in Taiwan

4.Coordinate public communications activities in Taiwan to ensure that all communications work is timely, targeted, mutually supportive and coherently promote the varying objectives of public awareness, fundraising, and field recruitment.

5.Lead the promotion strategy of public events and other visibility activities in Taiwan

6.Act as the primary reference point for Chinese translations issues in Taiwan and consistencies across all units

7.Supervise, coach and handle relevant human resources management of one Communications Officer, Digital Officer, and Events Officer

8.Editorial support with the regional communications team in Hong Kong and mainland China

9.Appropriate planning and allocations of resources and budget under communications

10.Maybe delegated to be the spokesperson for media interviews and speaking engagements in Taiwan, when necessary


1.7年公關領域或新聞媒體經驗,其中2年以上管理經驗 2.英文精通 3.熟悉台灣及區域性的媒體 4.可獨立工作並重視團隊工作者 5.擅長簡報製作及報告並具有良的翻譯和文字編輯能力 6.配合度佳


45K ~ 65K TWD/month

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