QA 軟體測試工程師

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Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc 9 CountHình ảnh môi trường làm việc 9 CountHình ảnh môi trường làm việc 9 Count

Mô tả công việc

QA Analyst works with POs, Developers, and QA team team members in order to gather all the correct information and keep their priorities correct. They work in a team with other QA members in order to share information about new features, current bug status, and the health of the builds. Each QA analyst shares responsibility to ensure that release candidates are tested correctly so that they have confidence that new releases will be successful.

Yêu cầu

  • Take Documents and Mocks for new features and create test cases that cover all requirements and relevant variations
  • Understand the common problems and platform specific issues related to mobile development to anticipate issues
  • Find reproduction steps for hard to reproduce issues by understanding user behavior and our system
  • Understand how all the backend and front end system work together so that you can independently test features which may not be complete
  • Find and write detailed bug reports that help team members understand and fix the issue quickly
  • Quickly execute release regression testing by using both our automation test suites and manual tests and report on the health of the release candidate.

Tools we use:

  • Jira
  • Charles Proxy for Network Monitoring and Intercepting
  • Device Logs, local app builds: Android Studio, XCode
600K ~ 1.2M TWD/năm
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9 Count

231, Taiwan, 新北市新店區民權路108號

Về chúng tôi

9 Count 是由美國TikTok的前生)的創辦人創辦。我們是一支約 35 人的團隊,在洛杉磯和台北設有辦公室。我們的願景是創造世界上最好的交新朋友平台。我們的旗艦APP "BFF" 幫助人們結交來自世界各地的新朋友。 "Wink" 一直是 10 個不同國家/地區排名第一的社交網絡應用 APP,在全球擁有超過 700,000 Reviews,每月連接數百萬人。

公司目前已經完成 A 輪融資,主要投資方為國際頂尖的投資機構 GGV(ByteDance, Airbnb投資方)和 CRCM。


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