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I work with Digital & CRM manager to uncover valuable customer insights and to translate them into fuel for sustainable profitable growth and set up campaigns in the disciplines of acquisition, loyalty and retention. This is achieved by unlocking customer data from internal and external sources and thoroughly analysing customer needs and behaviour. My other activities include making selections, evaluations and reports.


1. Identify member loyalty program offers to encourage our existing core customers to shop in our stores more frequently (retain and develop).

2. Initiate member loyalty recruitment strategy to drive new customer purchase and increase our membership penetration.

3. Conduct personalization CRM communication plan based on different customer segments to increase the response rate.

4. Report regularly to the Digital & CRM Manager about the effectiveness and ROI of the FAMILY media mix.

5. Manage CRM loyalty database and monitor CRM data quality and transaction capture rate. For generate CRM reports and provide consumer insights to internal stakeholders.

6. Generate CRM reports and monitor KPI achievement, as well as provide consumer insights regularly for internal stakeholders.

7. Work on the development of campaigns directed at FAMILY members which support the commercial calendar and contribute to the stated objectives.

8. Work with Digital & CRM manager to manage the FAMILY budget, by monitoring the campaign costs.

9. With a ROI-driven mind-set and responsible for the campaigns.


1.At least 8 years of relevant work experience in B2C database marketing or segment marketing.

2.Ability to prioritise and organise own work to make efficient use of time available.

3.English language skills, both spoken and written.

4.The ability to work on strategic, tactical and operational level.

5.The ability to explain goals and purposes and to give open and honest feedback.

6.Specialist profile with the ability to act as a trainer & coach.

7.Integrity and the ability to establish relationships based on trust, open to feedback and possessing the desire to learn from each other.

8 years of experience required
40K+ TWD / month
Optional Remote Work
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Entry level
28K ~ 40K TWD / month

Entry level
26K ~ 40K TWD / month