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Point72 是由 Steven Cohen領導的全球資產管理公司,專精於使用主觀多空策略、宏觀策略,與演算法程式交易策略進行投資,全球共有九個分公司據點。
Cubist Systematic Strategies 是Point72 的量化事業分支,專門在多種流動資產類別,包括股票、期貨、外匯中部署由電腦主導的系統化交易策略。我們有探索金融市場的熱情,致力於透過卓越的數據存取能力,利用廣泛的公開資料嚴格地研究各種市場異常現象。




- 數學、物理、工程,或其他量化領域的學士、碩士、博士級學歷。
- GPA 排名於系所的前 20 %。
- 具備以下任一程式語言的撰寫能力:C++, C#, Java, or Python.
- 擁有優秀的分析與量化技能。
- 對量化研究和指標驅動決策的強烈興趣。
- 能展現在大數據上進行獨立研究的能力。
- 具備探索資料中趨勢的熱情。
- 願意為自己的工作成果負責,並能獨立或在小型團隊內工作。
- 仔細、細心、具抗壓性。
- 我們有中文與英文的工作環境,具備基礎英文能力。



About Cubist / Point72

Point72 is a global asset management firm led by Steven Cohen that uses Discretionary Long/Short, Macro, and Systematic strategies to invest in eight offices across the globe.
Cubist Systematic Strategies is the systematic investing business of Point72. The firm deploys systematic, computer-driven trading strategies across multiple liquid asset classes, including equities, futures, and foreign exchange. The core of our effort is rigorous research into a wide range of market anomalies, fueled by our unparalleled access to a wide range of publicly available data sources.


Quantitative Researchers are responsible for independently conducting quantitative financial research with a focus on statistical and predictive models. Successful researchers manage all aspects of the research process including methodology selection, data collection and analysis, testing, prototyping, backtesting, and performance monitoring.


- B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. degree in mathematics, physics, engineer or other quantitative discipline.
- GPA ranked within the top 20% of entire class.
- Programming in any of the following: C++, C#, Java, or Python.
- Strong analytical and quantitative skills.
- Keen interest in quantitative research and metrics driven decision making.
- Demonstrated ability to conduct independent research utilizing large data sets.
- Detail-oriented.
- Passion for spotting trends in data.
- Willingness to take ownership of his/her work, working both independently and within a small team.
- Ability to work under pressure.

Prior experience developing, researching, or implementing quantitative models for equities is preferred, but not required. We will provide training for new researchers without finance backgrounds.


請將英文履歷寄至 ‭[email protected]
1.3M ~ 2M TWD / year
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About us

Point72 Asset Management is a global firm led by Steven Cohen that invests in multiple asset classes and strategies worldwide. Resting on more than a quarter-century of investing experience, we seek to be the industry’s premier asset manager through delivering superior risk-adjusted returns, adhering to the highest ethical standards, and offering the greatest opportunities to the industry’s brightest talent. We’re inventing the future of finance by revolutionizing how we develop our people and how we use data to shape our thinking.

POINT72/Cubist Systematic Strategies是全球頂尖投資公司之一,專門在多種流動資產類別中部署由電腦主導的系統化交易策略。我們有探索金融市場的熱情,致力於透過卓越的數據存取能力,利用廣泛的公開資料嚴格地研究各種市場異常現象。


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1.2M+ TWD / year