Investor Relations Manager

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Are you an excellent communicator? Do you have a talent for explaining numbers?

Do you get excited when you can line up the right investors to support the right causes?

Will you join us in creating more high-paying jobs in Taipei, and in building a tech company everyone wants to join?

We are looking for an Investor Relations Manager to help us strategically and appropriately position ourselves with early-stage (series A, B) venture capitals, corporate VCs, and crypto funds.

【Main responsibilities include】

  • Research investment landscape and identify active VC funds in our industry
  • Provide insights on market activity -- who's invested into whom, where; who lead and who followed
    Participate in the preparation of quarterly earnings updates, as well as in their presentations to investors
  • Help coordinate board meetings and investor updates
  • Develop investor confidence and belief in the company’s vision and strategy for delivering shareholder value
  • Create and manage a strong reputation by demonstrating consistent and clear communication between internal and external parties and investor relationships

Location: Taipei

About XREX
Our culture


【Requirements and good-to-haves】

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • 2+ years experience in investor relations
  • Understanding of startup (early-stage) funding
  • Excellent command of English
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills; ability to draft engaging and impactful messages






Our culture:

* XREX is a fast-growing organization, on a mission to make our world a better place
* You will gain experience in building an international brand, product, and user base
* Stock options
* You will gain experience in blockchain and crypto-related products, technologies, and markets
* You will be working in a cutting-edge product development and growth acquisition environment using the very latest tools, methodologies, and processes

About XREX:

XREX helps blockchain-focused organizations save time and money with product development, production maintenance, security, scalability, and compliance efforts.

XREX Crypto Services (XCS) is a compliant, secure, scalable stack of PaaS and SaaS offerings for organizations that build and run crypto markets (spots, futures, options), market-making, banking, custodial services, wallets, clearance and settlement proxies, payment gateways, value transmission services, and/or decentralized apps.

XCS stacks are offered entirely through cloud-based APIs and billed by usage. After registration, developers can immediately initiate module instances and use APIs; there are no face-to-face meetings, contract negotiations, setup fees, or monthly minimums.

XCS allows organizations to focus on building core business functions--not waste time and money in developing, maintaining, scaling, and securing the underlying stacks.

Many XCS services are implemented using XBLOCK, a blockchain designed for high volume, low latency clearance and settlement across financial institutions.

XREX also operates a standalone market -- the XREX Exchange -- which provides professional access to spot, futures and options trading.

XREX investors include prominent VCs such as:
* Taiwan Government National Development Fund
* CDIB Capital Group (TWSE: 2883)
* E.Sun Financial Holding (TWSE:2884)
* ThreeD Capital (CSE:IDK)
* Systex (TWSE:6214)
* Rocket Internet (NYSE:RKTA)
* Global Founders Capital (Berlin)
* Seraph Group (US)
* Metaplanet Holdings (Estonia)
* AppWorks (Taipei)
* WI Harper (San Francisco)
* BlackMarble (Taipei)
* New Economy Ventures (Taipei, Tokyo)

as well as super angels such as:
* Skype co-founders Toivo Annus and Jaan Tallinn
* ex Alibaba Board and Taobao Board Andrew Tsuei
* TUL (TWSE: 6150) Chairman and CEO Ted Chen
* Phison (TWSE: 8299) Chairman and CEO KS Pan.

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XREX Inc.でその他人気の求人


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Java Tech Lead or Architect

フルタイム中級レベル1M ~ 2.4M TWD/4日前に更新されました

Product Manager

フルタイム中級レベル1M ~ 1.5M TWD/4日前に更新されました

Growth Product Director

フルタイムディレクター1.3M ~ 2M TWD/4日前に更新されました

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フルタイム中級レベル800K ~ 1.5M TWD/4日前に更新されました

Database Administrator

フルタイム初級レベル1M ~ 1.8M TWD/4日前に更新されました

Customer Success Representative

フルタイムアソシエイト490K ~ 560K TWD/4日前に更新されました

Customer Services Manager

フルタイム中級レベル120K ~ 150K TWD/4日前に更新されました

資深 SRE 雲端維運工程師 / Senior SRE

フルタイム中級レベル1.2M ~ 2M TWD/4日前に更新されました

AWS-Oriented DevOps Engineer

フルタイム中級レベル720K ~ 2.5M TWD/4日前に更新されました

Senior Java Backend Developer

フルタイム中級レベル1M ~ 2.5M TWD/4日前に更新されました

Senior UI/UX Designer (UIUX)

フルタイム中級レベル1M ~ 2M TWD/4日前に更新されました

Marketing Director

フルタイム中級レベル1.1M ~ 1.3M TWD/4日前に更新されました

QA Tester

フルタイム初級レベル500K ~ 900K TWD/4日前に更新されました

QA Engineer

フルタイム中級レベル850K ~ 1.6M TWD/4日前に更新されました

Senior Front End Developer

フルタイム中級レベル840K ~ 1.26M TWD/4日前に更新されました