Company summary

Growing 長青資訊創立於2015年,是由一群資深遊戲開發者所組成的菁英團隊,至今已自創超過100款線上遊戲,且通過GLI公平遊戲認證。 CC Tech was founded in 2015. Extraordinary elites specialized in game development have gathered together to create over one hundred online games that have been authorized by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International). 處在這個高速成長又充滿機會的產業中,我們掌握自有的核心技術,使公司得以在最短時間內快速茁壯。我們積極參與亞洲G2E、英國ICE等多場國際娛樂展覽,在這舞台上我們是最受人注目的潛力股。 In this fast-growing industry we utilize our own professional techniques to gain a foothold with just a glimpse of time. We proactively participate in different international entertainment exhibitions, such as G2E in Asia and ICE in the UK. We have become the most competitive gaming content provider in Asia. Challenging 我們擁抱變化,勇於接受挑戰,面對競爭能全力以赴;我們享受冒險、創新、驚喜、挫折、失敗、學習與成長。我們每天都在挑戰的路上,追求更高品質的產品,讓今日的自己比昨日更進步。 We embrace changes, enjoy challenges and leave no stone unturned while facing competitions. We enjoy adventures, innovations, serendipities, and dare to face any frustrations. These are all nutrients for us to thrive. Challenges emerge every day, however, we strike out for pursuing higher qualities of our products, and work at the zenith of our power to do what we can't. Improving 長青自許為遊戲開發的領頭羊,而『人才』就是長青的核心資產。 我們重視每一位夥伴的專業技能與人格特質,規劃多項課程來加強新知並強化專業, 在巨人的肩膀上,長青扶持你茁壯。 Talents are the most important assets of CC Tech. We ranked front among all game developers. We cherish and value the expertise and personalities of every employee. A great Variety of training are also being provided for not only increasing professionalism but broadening horizons. Standing on the shoulder of a giant, CC Tech will let you see farther than you think. 千里馬很多,而長青看到了你。 你準備好加入長青一展長才了嗎? There are numerous talents out there but few wise headhunters. We see great values in you. Are you ready to spread your wings with CC Tech? 【主要商品/服務項目 Main Product and Service】 長青資訊致力於娛樂遊戲的獨創開發,並提供客戶整合平台服務,放眼國際市場。合作平台涵蓋香港、新加坡、菲律賓等亞洲地區,目前也積極拓展版圖至美國及歐洲國家。 CC Tech focuses on developing online games with originality. We furnish our clients worldwide with miscellaneous internationalized game products along with operation forums. We cooperate with business partners located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and other Asian countries. Currently, we are also actively expanding our territory to the United States and European countries. 【遊戲製作 Game Development】 長青專業於發想新創遊戲,視覺介面結合2D與3D,展現出中西式文化風格的特色遊戲。 諸如趣味捕魚獲獎遊戲、三國群雄爭霸戰、懸疑鬥智福爾摩斯、以及中世紀吸血鬼公爵等主題。 細膩的畫面深受玩家喜愛,除了精緻的遊戲特效外,也依據亞洲玩家的習性與需求,開發多元化產品。 CC Tech specializes in creating new games. The interfaces of our game products combine 2D with 3D graphical design, showing eastern and western styles; war of hegemony: the three kingdoms, Sherlock Holmes, and medieval vampire duke can be taken as the best examples of our game themes. The delicate visual effects win warm praise from great variety of users. In addition to the exquisite gaming effects, we also develop diversified products as per the habits and needs of Asian users. 【技術支援 Technical Support】 1. Programming  -Linux、Docker、JavaScript、C#、SQL、MySQL、HTML5、CSS3、Golang、java spring 2. Environment  - Database (MariaDB、MongoDB、MySQL)  - Networking  i. Cisco L2/L3 Switch - Routing / VTP / STP / PBR ii. FortiGate 、 Paloalto 、 Access Policy / Security Policy / SSL-VPN / Packet Capture iii. F5 LTM/GTM 、 Load-Balance / Dns Base Load-Balance ix. CDN x. OpenStack – Neutron 【福利制度 Welfare Policy】 - 長久、健康、快樂是長青深信不疑的企業之道。 CC Tech believes that longevity, prosperity and happiness are the most important elements for business success. - 午休也拉長至1.5小時,放鬆用餐愜意午覺,讓你睡得飽精神好! Your lunch hour is the perfect time to recharge. 1.5-hour long lunch break will make you more productive for the whole afternoon. - 具競爭力的薪資水平,年薪上看15個月,長青比你更肯定你自己! CC Tech offers competitive salary, and it's the way we appreciate our employees' excellent performances. - 一年兩度的升遷調薪機會,員工的辛勤付出長青都知道! Semiannual salary review and promotion chances are guaranteed. We value your hard work beyond all things. - 除三節禮金外,每月亦有慶生會(生日禮金)及滿勤獎金贊助小小加薪~ In addition to the holiday bonuses, there are also a number of bonuses like birthday bonus, attendance bonus, and so on. - 全額補助國外員工旅遊及健康檢查,長青的愛護讓親親哈尼也羨慕! Full subsidy for employee travel and physical examination. We treat you like family. - 母親節父親節不定期驚喜禮品,長青對員工視如己出,也陪你/妳你一起孝順爹娘! Unexpected surprises for Mother's and Father's Day. CC Tech treats your family like ours. - 勞健保、勞退提撥與團體保險就不必多說,484感受到滿滿的愛:-* No worries about the insurances. Labor insurance, retirement benefits and group insurance are all included in our welfare package It is our responsibilities to make you feel safe and loved.