A10 Networks 睿科網路科技有限公司

Company summary

A10 Networks自2011起進駐台灣南港軟體園區並成立研發中心,更藉其雲端智慧與資安防護的領導技術,為台灣雲端應用產業貢獻心力。 A10 Networks的宗旨是專注技術創新、研發與提供靈活的解決方案,因此我們將持續充分利用台灣強大的教育基礎,致力挖掘對網路及資訊安全擁有高度熱忱的同學一同加入A10 networks 行列!

Products or services

• Thunder Series TPS: A Threat Protection System product line that provides detection and mitigation against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber • Thunder Series ADC: An Application Delivery Controller product line that accelerates and secures data center applications and networks • Thunder Series CGN: A Carrier Grade NAT product line that provides large-scale address and protocol translation services for carrier networks • aGalaxy Centralized Management System: Centralized and Automated Management • aCloud Services Architecture: The A10 Networks aCloud Services Architecture enables Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud data center operators to deliver advanced L4-7 tenant services while improving agility and reducing total cost of ownership.


A10's Vision: • To protect our customers with BEST-IN-CLASS SOLUTIONS and SERVICES needed to win the cyberwar! A10's Mission: • To enable intelligent automation with deep machine learning to ensure business-critical applications are PROTECTED, RELIABLE and ALWAYS AVAILABLE!

Employee benefits

• 與國際接軌: 國內外最先進技術訓練及海外出差機會 • 優於勞基法之15天年假制度 (新人依報到日按比例休假) • 優於業界之團體保險制度 • 不定期員工旅遊、活動及聚餐 • 員工認股方案ESPP • 股票激勵計畫RSU

Work environment

舒適的工作環境及 體恤員工的多元福利 (新鮮水果.零食.咖啡及晚餐供應…等)


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