Full-Stack Web Application Developer (Junior - Staff)

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Great Tech! Great Team! Great Culture!


A10 Networks is a market leader in Secure Applications Services. The future of application, cloud, security and analytics is exploding at A10 Networks. Are you up for the challenge? Join us and make your impact on the future!


A10 Networks seeks for a high caliber candidate as Full-Stack Web Application Developer in our Taiwan Design Center! 

What you’ll be doing: 

‧ Maintain and improve aGalaxy TPS, part of a suite of software and services for provisioning, deploying, and monitoring DDoS detection and mitigation. 

‧ Work closely with Senior Manager, Director of Engineering and other leaders on the design and implementation of solutions to complex product features. 

‧ Work closely with QA on test plan review and execution. 

‧ Work closely with other cross functional teams and individual contributors on ensuring product security and compliance. 

‧ Design and document technical specifications for features or framework architecture.


[職缺需求] 0 - 8 年之工作經驗,對Web Development 有熱忱的所有朋友,歡迎將您的英文履歷表投遞至[email protected] ********** What we need to see: ‧ Have working experience with web application development using Python, Django, Flask, and AngularJS. ‧ Have working experience with one or more of the following: Apache HTTP, NGINX, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Logstash, MySQL, HBase, OpenTSDB. Even better if experienced running them in a cluster. ‧ Have working experience with building SPA with professional UX. ‧ Have strong networking knowledge or a strong willingness to learn. ‧ Understanding of CSS3, HTML5, RWD, ES5 & ES6. ‧ Knowledge of designing and using REST APIs. ‧ Experience with at least one of Unit Testing, E2E Testing, TDD, BDD, and Test Automation. Way to stand out: ‧ Have working experience with ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, Webpack. ‧ Experience in CSS preprocesser, e.g., LESS, SASS, PostCSS, CSSNext, or CSS Module. ‧ Have experience with LinuxHA using corosync, pacemaker/heartbeat, and drbd. ‧ Have experience with microservices architecture with Docker and Kubernetes. ‧ Have experience with automated operaration installation using Kickstart or Preseed. ‧ Have experience with packaging python and debian software. ‧ Have experience with customizing Ubuntu or CentOS and system administration. ‧ Have experience with multi-tenant architecture. ‧ Keen on following the cutting-edge web front end technologies. ‧ Excellent written and oral English. ‧ Appreciation for UI design and quality. ‧ Solid understanding or strong interest to learn topics in computer networks and network security.


60K ~ 150K TWD / month

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Ashley Chu

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