Senior Backend Software Engineer|資深後端軟體工程師

ActuaViz Co., Ltd. work environment photoActuaViz Co., Ltd. work environment photoActuaViz Co., Ltd. work environment photoActuaViz Co., Ltd. work environment photoActuaViz Co., Ltd. work environment photo

Job Description

We are building an actuarial analysis platform. In particular, you will be developing platform architecture, and building microservices that supports various functionalities exist on the platform.

We will trust you to:

  1. Identify business requirements and design the architecture of the platform and its functionalities to fit that needs.
  2. Design and discuss the architecture of backend components for the platform and select suitable technologies for the implementation of each component and connection between the backend components.
  3. Support continuous integrations and continuous deployment (CI/CD) and communicate well with the team.


ActuaViz 正在開發一個精算分析平台。後端軟體工程師將負責開發平台架構、以及在平台上設計創建支援各種產品功能的微服務(Microservice)。


  1. 識別企業需求並設計精算平台架構及其功能以符合這些需求。
  2. 設計和討論平台後端元件的架構,並選擇合適的技術來實踐每個元件以及它們彼此之間的串接。
  3. 支援產品持續的整合和實施(CI / CD),並與開發團隊保持良好的溝通。


【You need to have】

  1. 3+ years of production experience in JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, C++ or other programming languages.
  2. 3+ years of production experience in JavaScript/TypeScript and using Node.js.
  3. 3+ years of production experience communicating/working with frontend that uses React, HTML, CSS, and other web frontend technologies.
  4. An understanding that software should be kept as simple as possible.
  5. Writing and designing efficient computing algorithm that able to handle and utilize graphs and other data structures.
  6. Experience building full-stack applications, including service APIs (RESTful API) and database design.
  7. Experience with Non-SQL (MongoDB) Schema Design and Query.
  8. Working with cloud-based technologies or system/server wide architectures.

【It will be nice to have】

  1. Experience with Parallel Computing.
  2. Strong knowledge in math and statistics.
  3. Work with any models (math model/ML models) written in R/Python etc. and integrate into Node.js backend architecture.
  4. Have basic understanding and ability to do data science and machine learning.

【We’d love to see】

  1. Have knowledge of actuarial math and such modeling experience.


    【You need to have】

    1. 有 3 年以上使用 JavaScript/TypeScript、Python、C++ 等程式語言的開發經驗。
    2. 在 JavaScript / TypeScript 和使用 Node.js 方面有 3 年以上的經驗。
    3. 有 3 年以上與使用 React、HTML、CSS 等 Web 前端技術的前端工程師溝通/協作的經驗。
    4. 認知到軟體應該盡可能地簡單而非複雜化。
    5. 編寫和設計能夠處理圖形和其他資料結構的高效演算法。
    6. 具有創建全端(full-stack)應用程式,包括服務 APIs (RESTful API) 和資料庫設計的經驗。
    7. 有 Non-SQL (MongoDB) Schema 設計與指令查詢的經驗。
    8. 使用 cloud-based 技術或 system/server wide 架構。

    【It will be nice to have】

    1. 有平行運算(Parallel Computing)經驗。
    2. 具備數學和統計方面的扎實知識。
    3. 將任何使用 R/Python 等編寫的模型(math model/ML models),整合到 Node.js 後端架構。
    4. 對資料科學和機器學習(machine learning)有基本的理解和能力。

    【We’d love to see】

    1. 具備精算數學知識和建模經驗。

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    ActuaViz Co., Ltd.


    About us

    ActuaViz is a technology startup focusing on transforming everyone's life through actuarial modeling and risk analysis. Our mission is "Simple and Powerful Actuarial Analysis for Everyone"! We are currently building the cutting edge actuarial insurance software.

    ActuaViz 是一間科技新創公司(金融科技 - 精算),公司名稱「ActuaViz」這個詞來自於「精算(Actuarial)」與「視覺化(Visualization)」,亦簡述了公司的初衷——將複雜難懂的精算數學模型與運算結果,以視覺化的方式呈現,並讓精算資訊的價值能夠被進一步利用。我們打造業界首創精算軟體,藉由獨特精算建模技術,配合模組化、視覺化友善操作介面,將複雜難懂的數學模型架構清晰地呈現,提升精算建模與部門溝通效率。進一步讓每個人都能更好地利用精算資訊。

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