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We develop a SaaS product to manage, measure, and optimize digital campaigns across multiple channels, publishers and biddable objects. Our product can sync campaigns from and to publishers, track performance metrics at the lowest grain, report performance across campaigns and over time, and optimize budget allocation to maximize the advertising value for our clients.
In this position, you will be joining our Java stack team which has an extension team off-shore. This is an opportunity to write code on our core product managing billions of objects. This is a hands-on position with growth potential.


*Multiple-year in Java Development *Experience building web applications with apache tomcat *Experience working with both relational and no-SQL databases *Experience understanding and using third party SDKs or API documentations *Experience developing a synchronized multi-thread applications *Experience in Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform is a plus


70K ~ 120K TWD/month



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Rm. 1577, 15F., No. 168, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd.

About us

"我們相信能夠將複雜的廣告服務,簡化成任何人都可以輕鬆使用的工具,是使企業更加快速發展的關鍵之一" ADILOT專注於發展線上跨渠道廣告平台,幫助企業去統一維繫、量化成效及優化數位廣告活動。我們的系統可以串接各大線上廣告媒體,將複雜的資料整合為單一報表,並透過技術、數據驅動、資料分析去幫助客戶做出以數據為歸因的行銷決策。 透過機器學習的方式,系統可以自動控制廣告遞送及預算花費情況,甚至做到成效自動優化,讓企業主在進行數位廣告活動時能夠更節省人力、找出更精準的受眾、提高付費行銷效率,推動企業業務成長。 We believe that one of the keys to growing business faster is to simplify advertising services into simple tools that everyone can easily use. ADILOT focus on develope cross channel online advertising platform, help the business to manage, measure, and optimize digital campaigns across multiple channels. Our system can sync campaigns from different advertising media, simplify complex data to simple report, through technology, data-driven and data analysis to help the business make marketing decisions base on data. The platform can also automatic control advertisement delivery and budget spend, even improve performance automatically by machine learning technology. It will easily save business costs on human resources, target more specific audience and improve paid marketing effectiveness. "

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wayne tao

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