Junior/Senior Backend Engineer (vocol.ai)

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Job Description

  1. Support product/system reliability and scalability 
  2. Develop reliable and maintainable service-oriented components 
  3. Co-work/Lead system architecture design, choose suitable technologies and plan development with the Product/Project Manager 
  4. Design and implement database schemas for new service/feature 
  5. Participate/Lead in brainstorming sessions for new features/technologies



Skill Set (Requirement):

  1. 三年含以上的後端工程開發與團隊協作的工作經驗
  2. 精通一種以上物件導向程式設計語言, Java, Python 尤佳
  3. 熟悉 Web Development,實作具有良好語義的 Restful API
  4. 具備同步與非同步程式設計架構
  5. 熟悉任一種 RDBMS、No-SQL、Graph DB數據管理方案
  6. 熟悉虛擬化與容器化的應用方案
  7. 積極樂觀,且勇敢清晰地表達自己的想法
  8. 對開發及建構有高度的熱誠

Skill Set (Nice to have):

  1. 熟悉 Actor model programming 或是 Event-driven 開發方式
  2. 熟悉 MS-SQL, MongoDB/ElasticSearch者佳
  3. 熟悉應用程式與資料庫效能調校者佳
  4. 任一種雲端服務供應商平台使用經驗(Azure, AWS, GCP)

        3 years of experience required
        70,000+ TWD / month
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        Logo of the organization.
        Mid-Senior level
        900K ~ 1.8M TWD / year
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        Mid-Senior level
        40K ~ 90K TWD / month
        Logo of Aiello Inc. 犀動智能.
        Aiello Inc. 犀動智能
        Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
        51 - 200 people

        About us

        Company Snapshot: Welcome to Aiello Inc.! 🚀

        At Aiello Inc., we're not just another tech startup – we're a dynamic force in the world of technology, pioneering the future of conversational AI voice services. Powered by cutting-edge machine learning (ML) models designed for natural language understanding (NLU), our offerings span from Omni-channel customer communication integration to adaptable and continuously optimized commercial NLU modules. We convert unstructured enterprise data into structured brilliance, assist in building business data analysis backends, create industry knowledge graphs, and conduct proprietary ASR optimization training.

        Imagine a world where businesses seamlessly communicate, adapt, and optimize using our state-of-the-art Conversational AI modules.

        Impact on the Industry:

        Conversational AI isn't just a buzzword; it's a revolution transforming finance, retail, customer service, travel, and healthcare.

        Over the past three years, the market has witnessed explosive growth, reaching $5.1 billion. Aiello Inc. stands at the forefront, with projections anticipating the market to skyrocket to $46.29 billion by 2028 (Data Bridge). Investors are nodding in approval, and Headline Asia recognizes us as a Top 5 Startup in the #Sound Industry (Japan and Taiwan edition).

        Meet the A-Team:

        Our dream team comprises global rockstars from Google, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and more. Originating in Taipei, we've spread our wings to Tokyo, Bangkok, and beyond. we're on a mission to turbocharge industries, break into the Asian scene, offer multilingual solutions, and conquer markets in Japan and Southeast Asia. Ready to join the international AI party with us?

        The Aiello Essence: Where Vibe Meets Mindset

        "Work hard, play hard" isn't just a motto; it's our way of life. Our team of tech enthusiasts values sharing AI tech knowledge, embracing change, and savoring those 'aha' moments. Aiello Inc. is on the lookout for passionate individuals ready to embark on an entrepreneurial journey and create the next big thing.

        Guided by Aiello Principles - Our Collective Mindset:

        • Positive and Pursuing Excellence
        • Focus on Important and Right Things
        • Courage to Try and Embrace Change
        • Willingness to Share
        • Work Hard, Play Hard

        Discover our super DNA – Be an Aielloer:

        • Business Focus: Aim for business bullseyes.
        • Problem-Solving and Decision Making: Troubleshoot like a boss.
        • Teamwork and Collaboration: Working seamlessly within a team.
        • Managing Through Change and Uncertainty: Thrive in chaos as change champions.
        • Dynamic Learning Mindset: Become a Learning Ninja, mastering the art of continuous learning.

        Our Stellar Approach – The Aiello Way:

        • Worldwide Wizardry: Think global, act international.
        • Quality Crusaders: Set the gold standard.
        • Open-Door Magic: Our secret sauce? Openness!
        • Work + Fun Equation: Where challenge meets fun.
        • Innovation Incubator: A breeding ground for game-changers.


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        System Manager
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        Executive Assistant


        Mid-Senior level
        Regular earnings reach NT$40,000

        Mid-Senior level
        Regular earnings reach NT$40,000

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