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Logo of Aillio Ltd..

Aillio Ltd.

Logo of Aillio Ltd..
Aillio Ltd.
Logo of Aillio Ltd..
Aillio Ltd.

Company summary

Aillio Ltd. builds coffee roasters for use within the specialty coffee industry, which is exclusively devoted to the development of extraordinarily high quality coffee.

Aillio Ltd. Is the leading developer of intelligent low-energy micro coffee roasters. Our patented induction heating and infrared technology based designs are unlike any other on the market. Our roasters can be found in homes and shops around the world, and we are poised for rapid expansion.

Products or services


The Bullet R1 requires a personal computer — Mac, Windows, or Linux — for technical support and maintenance.

If you intend to use the Bullet commercially, please first understand that any machine can fail. Although our international support team is dedicated to resolving issues in a timely manner, there may be some downtime, particularly if there is no local support available. Therefore, we do not recommend relying on a single Bullet R1 as your sole roaster.


Aillio Ltd. - Our vision is to solve problems associated with roasting coffee. We do this by inventing and devloping solutions that are elegant and simple in the customer’s eyes.

Employee benefits

★International team and working place
★Nordic design working environment
★We provide appropriate job training on as-needed bass, and also provide
employee to pursue their own interests within the company.
★Best coffee for you to drink and various snacks for you to eaty

Work environment

Our CEO/Inventor is Danish, and his approach to product design and office culture is distinctively European. We strive to develop high quality, innovative, aesthetically appealing products, and also to create a comfortable work environment for all employees.

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Tech stack

★Work with our team of designers to find solutions for the construction of our new machines(DFM) ★Optimize usability of the products ★Confirm system and product capabilities by designing feasibilit...
50K TWD / month
No requirement for relevant working experience