Loftcheckers 驗房專員

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Job Description

[Limited offering] If you happen to be looking for a freelance photographer job, we happen to be hiring 20 Loftcheckers.

Sounds cool? Follow the link to get more info:

We are Airloft, a verified accommodation platform for international students to book their home online in Taipei.As a Loftchecker, you will be visiting rooms and taking room tour videos to help international students know what it's like to live there. They need you to help verify the rooms!


- Speaks English and Chinese
- Have passion for photography and filming
- Flexible working hours
200 ~ 500 TWD / piece rate
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Logo of Airloft.

About us

Make room hunting as easy as booking hotels.

Airloft is an accommodation platform designed for global talents to book their checked home from abroad.

As international students ourselves, we know how painful it is to rent a room from abroad. Language barriers, misleading listings and scamming landlords are the major problems in the process. With the high growth in the booming international student market, more and more students are facing this problem. Our solution, Airloft, is a platform very much like Airbnb but for monthly long term rental and all the listings are verified by our Loftchecker team.

International tenants can watch room tour videos and book their checked rooms with no viewings nor phone calls. 100% online booking experience, security of payment and protection during the tenancy is the values you can expect and experience with Airloft.