前端軟體開發工程師 (Frontend Software Developer)

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We are looking for a frontend software developer who will directly build, ship, and measure our core product features with our talented product developers. Most likely, you will enjoy our product-led growth culture and build things that truly solve problems for global customers. You'll be able to work 60% remotely from home and work with our talented product team for the rest of the time. Join us to build and ship the outstanding SaaS to the world.

    Our Team Culture:

    • Focus on the core product. Leverage other SaaS for non-core systems.
    • Enjoy the whole product development process from building, shipping, to measuring features.
    • Solve real problems for users by tracking how they use the feature you released and optimizing it iteratively.
    • Focus on building amazing features with a simplified architecture! Worry less about DevOps.
    • Our values: Build software with a smaller, faster, better way - Getting Real

    【Job Description】

    As a frontend software developer in Akohub, you will collaborate with product manager and other talented developers to design and develop product features that directly help global e-commerce merchants target their customers smarter. You'll be responsible for:

    • Collaborate with product team to design the product flow.
    • Develop and design new features of our core SaaS product with other developers.
    • Research and optimize the latest technology and improve the feature usability with our product team.
    • Track and apply the latest marketing technology, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Shopify API.
    • Build, ship, and measure the released product features with the product team.

    Company Introduction

    • Akohub is dedicated to building the leading marketing technology SaaS for global e-commerce brands. We built the 1st Shopify Ako Retargeting app from Taiwan, which is already helped thousands of merchants all over the world target their potential customers smarter and has been featured as the best "Staff Picks" app on the front page of Shopify App Store twice. Our customers are independent e-commerce brands ranging from individual entrepreneurs to big e-commerce enterprises - 50% in North America, 30% in Asia, and 20% in Europe and Australia.
    • Currently, we are building the next-generation full funnel marketing strategy platform that integrates Facebook, Google, and multiple marketing channels into one place with powerful analytics capability.
    • If you’re passionate about building software products and would like to work with a high-performing and experienced team, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

    【Company Benefits】

    1. Starup Culture / 新創文化
    Flat team structure. Great advancement development. Ability to collaborate with management team and drive product direction / 扁平組織文化、晉升管道暢通,可直接與管理層共同協作,並有機會參與並主導新產品開發設計與方向

    2. Flexible Working Benefits / 工時福利
    Flexible annual leave (14+ days), menstrual leave, and flexible working hours / 彈性特休年假(14天起)、女性生理假、彈性上下班時間

    3. Education Training / 教育訓練
    Internal training and company sponsored external training courses / 內部教育訓練、外部訓練課程補助

    4. Sports Subsidy / 運動休閒
    Sports subsidy and outing subsidy / 運動定額補助、不定期戶外活動補助

    5. Team Building / 團隊交流
    Regular team gathering dinner and year-end banquet / 定期公司聚餐、年度尾牙


    • 60% Work from Home
    • 40% Taipei City 台北市 (捷運南京復興站)

    【Apply Now】

    Apply directly or Email your resume to [email protected]


    1. 2 years experiences in frontend software development.
    2. Familiar with web application development.
    3. Familiar with Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
    4. Nice to have experiences in React.js.
    5. Excellent technical and problem-solving skills.
    6. Ability to succeed in a collaborative, start-up paced environment.
    7. Love coding and building features.
    8. Fresh graduate are welcome (we have a training program)
    1. 2 年前端軟體開發經驗
    2. 熟悉 Web Application 開發
    3. 熟悉 Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
    4. 有 React.js 開發經驗加分
    5. 優異有效率的解決問題能力
    6. 善於團隊合作、溝通交流並於新創快速環境成長
    7. 喜愛寫程式與打造產品功能的感覺
    8. 歡迎剛畢業新鮮人 (我們有 training program)


    1. Round I: On-site or video interview for experiences sharing
    2. Round II: On-site interview for technical skills review

    900K ~ 1.5M TWD / 年
    这是您专属的职缺邀请连结。当有人透过您的邀请连结应征这个职缺时,您会收到 email 通知。
    Logo of Akohub.
    软件即服务 / 云服务
    11 - 50 人


    Akohub 是電商行銷策略自動化平台,專注為全球品牌電商打造精準行銷 SaaS 產品,幫助電商品牌更方便地運用 AI 行銷科技提升廣告投報率與轉單率。

    Akohub/AkoCommerce 為全球電商平台龍頭 Shopify 第一家台灣合作夥伴,我們的產品 Ako Retargeting 連續數年精選刊載於 Shopify 官方首頁,推薦給全球電商,亦為 Shopify App Store 中最佳 Facebook Retargeting 再行銷 App。目前我們的客戶已達數千家,品牌涵蓋範圍包含 50% 北美、30% 亞洲、20% 歐洲與紐澳市場,且持續快速成長中。

    無論是大型企業、中小品牌或新興創業家,皆面臨電商網站傳統廣告行銷效益下滑的問題。而我們致力於協助客戶解決此問題,Akohub 系統能根據電商網站的全方位數據,自動推薦最適合該品牌之跨通路全漏斗行銷策略。我們在 2019 年也成為全台前三家廣告科技之 Facebook Marketing Partner - Ad Tech,與 Facebook 密切合作,幫助品牌客戶提升銷售轉換率與銷售量。


    Akohub is an e-commerce marketing strategy platform. We are dedicated to providing the leading precision marketing SaaS product for global e-commerce brands. We help e-commerce merchants target their potential customers more precisely by leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

    Akohub/AkoCommerce is the First Taiwan Shopify Partner, the #1 e-commerce builder platform all over the world. Our product, Ako Retargeting, has been featured as the best Staff Picks app on the front page of Shopify App Store and recommended to global e-commerce brands several times. Currently we have thousands of clients globally, including 50% in North America, 30% in Asia, and 20% in Europe and Australia.

    No matter big enterprise, SMB brands, or entrepreneurs, traditional e-commerce advertising or marketing performance is decreasing gradually. That’s why Akohub is dedicated to solving the problems for clients. Our system automatically recommends the optimized cross-channel full funnel marketing strategies for clients based on their first party data and the external data sources across platforms. We are certified as the Facebook Marketing Partner - Ad Tech since 2019. We work with Facebook and help e-commerce brands increase conversion rates and gain more sales.

    If you’re passionate about e-commerce and marketing technology, would love to work in a flexible startup environment and build/promote the next generation SaaS product to the world with us, please do not hesitate to send your resume and talk more with us!


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