Backend Software Engineer 後端工程師

Job Description

We are hiring a backend engineer. The challenges of this job stem from the fact that security tolerates NO mistake. Alfred runs on a sophisticated group of servers nonstop. Over 200 million videos are uploaded to the server each month, and the number will only keep growing. Therefore, we need someone who can constantly re-strategize to take Alfred to the next level!


Qualifications: To join the passionate team determined to make Alfred one of the best home security experience in the market. In this job you will be mainly co-working with the in-house server-side developers to continue enhancing the platform with new features and performance/cost improvements, as well as maximizing the operational availability/scalability of the cloud service. You will also be working on several front-end applications which are crucial to the company including the web-based client and the analytic dashboard. Last not the least you will need to closely cooperate with developers working on mobile platforms to deal possible integration issues. 1. Bachelor or master degree with 2+ years of experiences working on server-side applications 2. Solid JavaScript programming/debugging skills 3. Experiences with developing any webapp using Node.js 4. Experiences with operating production environment using AWS and/or other cloud service providers 5. Experiences with front-end development including at least one of JS-based front-end framework (Angular.js/React.js...) is a plus 6. Experiences with designing/implementing RESTful APIs is a plus 7. Additional language skills (Python/PHP/RoR) is a plus 8. Mobile app development experience is a plus 9. Ability to write good English documentations is a plus


Monthly TWD 50,000 ~ 100,000



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