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We are hiring a backend engineer. The challenges of this job stem from the fact that security tolerates NO mistake. Alfred runs on a sophisticated group of servers nonstop. Over 400 million videos are uploaded to the server each month, and the number will only keep growing. Therefore, we need someone who can constantly re-strategize to take Alfred to the next level!


Qualifications: To join the passionate team determined to make Alfred one of the best home security experience in the market. In this job you will be mainly co-working with the in-house server-side developers to continue enhancing the platform with new features and performance/cost improvements, as well as maximizing the operational availability/scalability of the cloud service. You will also be working on several front-end applications which are crucial to the company including the web-based client and the analytic dashboard. Last not the least you will need to closely cooperate with developers working on mobile platforms to deal possible integration issues. 1. BS or MS with 2+ years of experiences working on server-side applications 2. Strong JavaScript development skills and good understandings of HTML5/CSS3 3. Solid experiences developing server applications using Node.js and Express 4. Hands-on experiences managing production web services on AWS and/or GCP 5. Experiences developing RESTful APIs 6. Experiences using NoSQL databases and memory cache in product design 7. Experiences on front-end development using JS-based frameworks (Angular.js/React.js...) is a big plus 8. Experiences with working on auto deployment as well as other high availability/scalability issues of production service is a big plus 9. Python language skill is highly-recommended, additional languages (PHP/RoR) is a plus 10. Ability to write good documentations in English is a plus


65K ~ 120K TWD/month

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About us

AlfredCamera 是北美最受歡迎的居家安全監控軟體,全球已累積超越ㄧ千五百萬用戶下載,並分別在 2016 年與 2019 年獲得 Google Play 年度最創新 App 與年度最佳生活幫手 App 的殊榮。 上架至今,AlfredCamera 已經在 Android/iOS 雙平台上獲得超過三十萬筆、平均 4.8 顆星的高評價。短短數年內 AlfredCamera 已經達到正向現金流,在已實證的商業模式下穩健發展,並持續投入 AI 研發。 在新創圈每年流行一個新的 buzzword 時,AlfredCamera 從使用者出發,專注在「推出解決大眾生活問題的普及化 AI 應用」,我們相信科技應該讓人們生活得更好。在這個理念之下,我們推出 AlfredCamera 幫助使用者將舊手機變成唾手可得的監控攝影機。AlfredCamera 看起來樸實,卻需要堅實的技術實力讓 AI 偵測流暢運行於各種機型;我們沒有酷炫的硬體,卻是真正讓使用者隨手取得的好體驗。為了達成更大的目標,我們需要這樣的人才: ▍以使用者需求為中心 產品從使用者需求出發,公司有 ⅓ 的職位與使用者直接相關,從 Research、Content、User Feedback、User Data 四大方面積極用主動、被動的方式取得質化、量化的使用者資料。在公司內的產品規劃會議中,我們一定會問的問題是「用戶在想什麼?遇到了什麼問題?」,並且透過研究描繪主要用戶輪廓,以此協助大家進行決策和規劃。 ▍有追求實證的熱情 我們鼓勵成員對重要專案提出假設、驗證、迭代。我們盡量讓「我覺得」只出現在建立假設階段,並找數據證明或規畫實驗來決定下一步。在這樣的精神下,公司的數據資料公開透明,每個人都能享有數據平台權限,或是請專業的數據團隊協助分析出洞見。 ▍具備成長心態 在新創公司最刺激也最困難的就是任務的多樣性和跨領域協作,我們希望團隊成員在面對挑戰時不輕言放棄、從失敗中學習、從成功案例中得到啟發、培養自己的知識並在工作中不斷成長。對我們來說專案沒有失敗,只有成功或學習。

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