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Logo of Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Taiwan) Ltd. .
Logo of Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Taiwan) Ltd. .

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Taiwan) Ltd.

Logo of Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Taiwan) Ltd. .
Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Taiwan) Ltd.
Logo of Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Taiwan) Ltd. .
Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Taiwan) Ltd.

Company summary





Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (AOS) is committed to excellence in design, manufacturing, reliability and responsiveness to our customers through the continued development of leading power management solutions. By installing proprietary wafer processing and packaging technologies at partner foundries, our experts can exhaustively monitor the manufacturing of advanced power products to guarantee top quality and high performance at low costs.

AOS is committed to offer one stop power management solution to our customers, to provide uncompromising quality, and to deliver superior service. At AOS, we bring value to our customers, employees and shareholders.

OUR stock market Symbol in NASDAQ is AOSL.

We strive to be Number 1 in everything we do!!

Products or services

Power MOSFETs:

Provides full range of MOSFET products are offered for a variety of applications.

1.Desktop PCs

2.Notebook PCs

3.Backlight Inverters

4.Switching Mode Power Supply

5.Smart Phone

6.LCD Panels


8.Batteries protection board


10.Gaming Console

Power ICs:

Provides best-in-class power management solutions combining Power Discrete and IC technologies

1. Dr. MOS

2. Telecom / Datacom

3. Set Top Boxes

4. PCs and Peripherals

5. Battery Protection

6. Digital Consumer


Provides a family of Ultra-low Capacitance Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS), EMI Filtering, and ESD Diode Array products

1.PCs and Peripherals



4.Digital Consumer

Employee benefits

◆ 薪資、獎金

1. 具競爭力的薪資水準

2. 績效獎金

◆ 員工認股權(ESPP)

◆ 禮金、禮品

1. 生日禮金

2. 結婚禮金、生育禮金、喪事奠儀

3. 三節禮品或禮券

◆ 保 險

1. 勞保

2. 健保

3. 員工團保

4. 員工退休金提繳

◆ 健康檢查

◆ 員工活動

1. 每月慶生會

2. 年度旅遊

3. 年終尾牙

◆ 休 假

1. 週休二日

2. 優於勞動基準法之休假制度

3. 不扣薪病假

4. 彈性假

5. 生日假


1) DCDC Power IC design 2) Over 3~5 years experience in design house. power management is a must. 3) Review colleague's projects and own projects.
2M ~ 3M TWD / year
No requirement for relevant working experience
No management responsibility