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Logo of Altek 華晶科技.
Logo of Altek 華晶科技.

Altek 華晶科技

Logo of Altek 華晶科技.
Altek 華晶科技
Logo of Altek 華晶科技.
Altek 華晶科技
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Company summary

Altek Corporation was established in 1996, with corporate executive officer Alex Hsia joining force with renowned corporation and major bank. From day one, Altek strived to achieve excellence in the R&D and manufacture of digital camera. At one point, Altek Corporation became one of the world’s top DSC ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) of the world. In the recent years, Altek expanded into the smartphone imaging, medical Imaging, autotronic Imaging, and other new businesses. Over the years, Altek demonstrated its ability as an entrepreneur solution provider for various imaging technologies, as to fulfill its corporate motto: “To deliver innovated imaging solution to help people for a better life.” Year 2013 is the year of transformation for Altek corporation, where businesses in emerging new technologies have achieved fifty-percent of total corporate earnings.





Products or services

Altek is the first manufacturer in Taiwan to develop digital cameras delivering megapixel quality and resolution. Because digital camera requires thin and delicate features, it is essential to integrate productions of system chips along with other components. Therefore, we have fostered exceptional in-house R&D skills and a solid inventory of proprietary technologies, which has become our core technologies (imaging processing technology, image solution IC and optic technologies). Furthermore, Altek Corporation is always on the lookout for emerging imaging and optical technologies as to better serve its diverse customers and maintain its production edge.


  1. AI攝影機- AI攝影機、IP攝影機、邊緣AI運算盒
  2. 低功耗AI影像晶片
  3. 3D感測晶片&模組
  4. 車載系統-百萬像素高清數位輸出攝像頭&紅外線攝像頭
  5. 醫療影像-高端血糖機、可拋棄式內視鏡

Employee benefits

1. 週休二日,上班彈性化

2. 享勞保、健保及完善的團體保險暨眷屬團險

3. 完善的職工福利制度:








4. 三節獎金、男性員工陪產假

5. 教育訓練體系規畫:



6. 員工分紅:讓員工與公司一起成長

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Talent Acquisition
1. ASIC影像演算法開發 2. 具AI/Deep Learning/Machine Learning相關演算法開發經驗者尤佳
60K+ TWD / month
No requirement for relevant working experience

IoT and Home Security Products software. Use C language on RTOS/embedded linux platform to connect cloud and develop the AI related video applicatio on IoT and Home security product.
60K+ TWD / month
No requirement for relevant working experience