Asia Logistics Operation Industrial/Automation Engineer IV - (E4)

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Job Description

Key Responsibilities

- Performs Methods Engineering analysis including process design, time and motion study, and leads continual improvement initiatives.
- Leads IE projects and programs within areas of responsibility and ensure complete implementation into business with quality tools, supporting processes and ongoing measures for success. Includes improved efficiency and cost savings. Works with other organizations to provide business case for Plan of Record and IE projects. Provides extensive cost analysis, and return on investment calculations associated with project selection.
- Leads ergonomics / human factors initiatives, develops process improvements, and provides engineering solutions. Drives and implements Ergonomic improvements across multiple functions.
- Leads manufacturing rearrangement projects and ensures that plant layouts, material flow and warehousing designs are optimized for cost, capability and capacity. Leads manufacturing and warehouse rearrangement projects across multiple functions; coordinates the efforts of other IE's to achieve plan of record objectives.
- Drives the strategic implementation of product introductions into volume manufacturing by developing factory space, capacity and capability solutions. Develops the New products factory capability roadmap for assigned work centers. - - Drives the development of specialized tooling solutions for the assembly, integration and intra-plant transport of modules, assemblies and mainframes.
- Serves as a role model and sets the example, whose behavior is emulated by other engineering team members. (Safe behavior, follow proper protocols and procedures, including core values).
- Develops the capacity/demand analysis business processes and ensures that capacity planning processes are deployed and maintained across multiple functions. Develops solutions to address capacity constraints and works with Operations and Logistics organizations to implement these solutions prior to production ramp. Leads manufacturing and logistics initiatives to improve factory asset utilization and production processes.
- Leads the effort to establish and document business processes across multiple functions.
- English reading, writing and speaking is an essential for this role.

Working location: Taoyuan

Functional Knowledge

- Demonstrates depth and/or breadth of expertise in own specialized discipline or field

Business Expertise

- Interprets internal/external business challenges and recommends best practices to improve products, processes or services


- May lead functional teams or projects with moderate resource requirements, risk, and/or complexity

Problem Solving

- Leads others to solve complex problems; uses sophisticated analytical thought to exercise judgment and identify innovative solutions


- Impacts the achievement of customer, operational, project or service objectives; work is guided by functional policies

Interpersonal Skills

Communicates difficult concepts and negotiates with others to adopt a different point of view

Education: Bachelor's or Master's Degree

Experience: 10-15 Years



Yes, 25% of the Time

7 years of experience required
Regular earnings reach NT$40,000
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Entry level
Regular earnings reach NT$40,000

Mid-Senior level
Regular earnings reach NT$40,000

Mid-Senior level
Regular earnings reach NT$40,000