Job Description

1. Seek potential customers and Account Management for Business development for the Vietnamese market (North and South Vietnam).

2. Responsible for handling customer orders, such as inquiries/quotations, order processing, import/export arrangements, con-call, data filing, etc.

3. Support online marketing/online industrial exhibition projects. After COVID-19 pandemic, support physical overseas industrial exhibitions.

4. General administrative work (e.g., mechanical magazine 's translation, machine manual's translation, email marketing,telephone answering, postal affairs, etc.).

5. Other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

6. Have the opportunity to become Country Head of Vietnam Business Development after training.

1. 發掘潛在客戶及客戶關係維護,以開發越南市場(北越及南越)

2. 協助處理客戶訂單相關事務(如: 詢/報價、接單處理、進/出口安排、客戶視訊拜訪/洽談、資料歸檔…等)。

3. 支援線上行銷/線上參展企劃專案。疫情過後,需幫忙協助海外實體參展。

4. 庶務性行政工作(如: 機械雜誌翻譯、機械手冊翻譯、文具採購、郵政事務…等)。

5. 其它主管交辦工作

6. 經培訓後有機會成為 Country Head of Vietnam Business Development



(1) Bachelor/Master degree of any major or equivalent experiences in Business

(2) Fluent in Vietnamese language or native speaker of Vietnamese

(3) Please put your TOCFL/HSK certificate on your resume / or Please attach your TOEIC/IELTS/TOFEL certificate to your resume.

Note: If providing TOEIC with Speaking/Writing score, it is preferred.

(4) After recruitment, we will work in the headquarter (New Taipei city) this year, and will be expatriated to Vietnam next year after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Please notice this before submitting your resume.

(5) Excellent written and verbal communication skills and have teamwork ability with coworkers

(6) There are two rounds to the interview:

The first round: an online interview via Skype/Zoom.

2nd round: Please come to the office for an interview.

(1) 大學學歷以上,不限科系

(2) 精通越南文/越南母語者

(3)履歷請放上華語文能力測驗(TOCFL)/漢語水平考試(HSK)證書/或是 請放上TOEIC/IELTS/TOFEL英文證書。

註:若TOEIC有附 Speaking/Writing分數,將優先審理

(4) 招募後,今年於台北總公司上班,待明年疫情過後,長期派駐越南。投遞前請注意此項


(6) 面試步驟為兩關:



Additional but optional

(1)Previous positions in Business Development or International Sales Representative.

(2)Project management experience / PMP certification.

(3)Familiarity with the mechanical / automation field

(4)Familiarity with online marketing tools (keyword search, Google Analytics, EDM newsletters, etc.)

(5)Previous experience in corporate /campus business competitions, such as L’Oréal Brainstorm, YEF, ATCC, and so on. If yes, please provide a brief description

(6) Previous leadership experiences in campus club, such as the leader of activities or the leader of the student club, or leader of sports team.

(7)Participated in a foreign student buddy program/exchange student program. If yes, please provide a brief description

(8)Familiarity with video-editing skills


(1)曾擔任 Business Development 或 International Sales Representative 職位。



(4)熟悉網路行銷工具(關鍵字搜尋、Google Analytics、EDM電子報等)

(5)曾參加過企業商業競賽/社團活動總召的經驗,如L’Oréal Brainstorm, YEF, ATCC、活動總召、系隊/校隊隊長等。若有,請提供簡要說明




32K ~ 35K TWD/month

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About us

Amax Systems Company Limited is focusing on software and mechanical structure design. We dedicate ourselves to various kinds of static and dynamic tester and extend our production line to the other fields gradually.

Our current founder, Mr. David Dai, founded RMAX Science and Technology Ltd. in 1991, after working in National Chung-Shan Institute for advanced research for years. RMAX’s main business is to design and produce “Universal Material Tester”, “Auto Parts Tester”, “Steward Platform”, “Wheel Rim Tester” and “Fatigue Tester”, etc.

    Moreover, RMAX also developed the software, such as “Precision Measurement”, “Quality Control Analysis”,“Graphic Monitor for Customized Machine” ,and so on. RMAX helped customers to design specific industrial equipment and software, providing the plan, design and manufacturing of computerized auto-control system. In the meantime, it is RMAX’s mission to provide “Customized machine and software design”, “Finite element method”, “Stress Analysis”, and “Motion Simulation”.

    In addition to achievements in testers and software, RMAX also has abundance of experiences in Servo Pneumatic /Hydraulic system, servo motors and various sensors. It is our belief that we are able to provide the most suitable solutions for our customers.

    In 2015, Mr. David Dai founded AMAX systems in cooperation with other founders to concentrate on international markets and the new field such as Multi-Slide Forming Machine. Moreover, since August 2020, we launched Automatic Surgical Mask Machine to help global society confront with COVID-19 together. AMAX will still insist in our professionalism and optimize our ability to act together with our customers to overcome challenges in the future.

    In recent years, we extend our services to other industrial productions. We will carry through the spirit of enterprise and improve ourselves.


    Amax System

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