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About Us

AmazingTalker is an online tutoring platform that empower individuals to learn languages, subjects and music with online tutors. To date, we have nearly 8,000 registered tutors and 1.1 million registered users and has clocked in 5.5 million online course reservations. In 2022, we raised US$15.5 million in a series A funding round, led by CDIB Capital. Investors in the fundraise also include JAFCO Asia and 500 Global. We are ambitious to expand the business in Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe, and North America. If you want to know more about AmazingTalker's corporate culture and our team members, feel free visit our website.

If you have a strong learning ability and ambition, you are eager to grow with a group of excellent colleagues and achieve ambitious goals in a fast-paced startup and change the eco-system of online learning, you are welcome to join!


  • Taiwan Working Visa can be offered for successful applicants from Hong Kong and any other countries.
  • The hiring process for this position will be in English.

About the Team

AmazingTalker's mission is to increase the income of online teachers. Service providers can get the maximum income in our platform, their income level can still be increased with their maximized teaching time. We believe that such an environment can attract the best teachers from all over the world to teach at AmazingTalker, and it can also give students the best learning experience.

This position belongs to the Global Teacher Research and Development Team, which is the core team that drives the growth of AmazingTalker. Starting from the core purpose of the product, this team is responsible for creating AmazingTalker's high-quality and excellent teacher team. The team plans, designs, and implements teacher training systems for existing and new teachers on the platform. Through the strategies of marketing and product design, the team makes use of data to experiment and analyze the results and influences tens of thousands of learners and teachers worldwide.

About the Role

As a " Cross-Functional Trainee", you will have all-round opportunities to participate in the iterative optimization and research and development of the product and teacher, formulate the development strategy of the teacher side, and quickly improve the quality and competitiveness of teachers in the new market. The work content is not limited to a single field, you can continuously explore the essence of the problem, and expand the influence of AmazingTalker in the new market by learning and using skills from different fields.

If you have the following characteristics, you are very suitable for this position.

  • Facing unknowns, complicated and abstract problems, you can break them down into small parts and solve them one by one in a systematic way
  • Good at communication and expression skills, keen to contact and communicate with users, and eager to solve problems for them.
  • Will not limit your study and work tasks, whether it is data analysis, user research, questionnaire, or interview, as long as you can solve the problem and achieve the goal, you will try all possible solutions.

★ Please apply through:https://bit.ly/3tvFtYz

Your Journey at AmazingTalker

In the first month, you will…

  • Understand our company’s visions and future direction, participate in setting team’s and personal goal
  • Understand the existed strategies and iteration for teachers, and the past strategies and logics
  • Understand the development goals and situation in the target teachers market
  • Research, plan, and formulate success indicators for target teachers market, and plan and carry out tasks according to the goals

In the third month, you will…

  • Make hypothesis based on observation data and feedback, quickly experiment with the hypothesis with Minimum Viable Product (MVP), adjust and plan future strategies
  • Determine success indicators from the hypothesis and experiments, analyze and optimize them, and improve the macro and micro goals
  • Manage the priorities of different projects, focus on creating value, and achieving goals

Within 6 months, you will…

  • Be able to in charge of a project for the department alone and build your team to complete the task
  • Record and systematize the process of practicing strategies, as a reference for dealing with common situations in the future
  • Responsible for the results of yourself and the team, and maintain a high-standard team culture

★ Please apply through:https://bit.ly/3tvFtYz

Company benefit

  • Enjoy 15 days of annual leave every year, with an extra day added each year you work with us
  • Flexible work hours
  • Gym facilities
  • Weekly boxing and yoga classes
  • Unlimited snacks and drinks
  • Free dinner Monday to Friday


      • One minute walk from metro station "New Taipei Industrial Park Station"
      • In countries or regions other than Taiwan, you can work remotely


        • Monthly salary of NT$ 50,000 - NT$ 70,000 (according to experience)
        • 14 months salary
        • NT$ 700,000 - 980,000 (Annual salary)
        • Extra Learning Subsidy
        • Provide company laptop or laptop subsidy

        ★ Please apply through:https://bit.ly/3tvFtYz

        Wanna know more about life at AmazingTalker?


        We're looking for:

        • Recent university graduates from any disciplines with no more than 5 years' working experience.
        • Be able to prove one’s strong learning ability through experience and examples
        • Full of enthusiasm for an educational startup, eager to grow your career in a fast-growing start-up
        • Have a strong motion driving for growth, show strong execution, and desire to have an influence on long-term goals
        • A self-inspired person who can discover new knowledge in an unknown environment and find the right direction to continuously improve oneself
        • A self-leader who can work independently in a rapidly changing environment and can work closely with multiple teams
        • Good time management ability, able to perform multi-tasking, and establish the priority, be able to adjust quickly when necessary
        • Dare to jump out of the comfort zone to learn across fields, not afraid to face failure, and be able to quickly adjust oneself


        • Excellent Chinese or English writing and communication abilities
        • Proficient in French
        • Remark:Taiwan Working Visa can be offered for successful applicants from Hong Kong and any other countries.

        ★ Please apply through:https://bit.ly/3tvFtYz

        50K ~ 100K TWD / 月
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        AmazingTalker 致力建立一個全方位的線上教學平台,讓任何人都可以找到最適合自己的家教,以不斷提昇線上教師收入為使命。始於 2017 年,目前平台上約有 8000 名教師、超過 100 萬名學生,以及進行 550 萬堂語言、升學等課程,橫跨 190 個地區。2020 年入選「親子天下」的【教育新創20+】,2021 年入選【AAMA台北搖籃計劃】,2022年獲得 A 輪募資 1550 萬美元,投資人包括中華開發資本、集富亞洲(JAFCO Asia)、500 Global。我們目標是成為台灣教育新創界第一間「獨角獸」,讓世界看見台灣。

        『人才,是 AmazingTalker 最重要的資產。』—這是我們核心的文化,我們相信凝聚一群對的人,是成就非凡的關鍵
        在AmazingTalker的每一天步調宇宙無敵快,每個人都為更快速成長,不斷尋找並實現更多可能性。我們設立明確且遠大的目標,由目標驅動公司大大小小的決定,明確讓我們不容易迷失,遠大符合我們樂於挑戰的特性。同事們被賦予高度主導權 (決策權、各種資源調度),培養獨立思考、解決問題能力,並且能為自由負責任。


        點擊暸解更多 AmazingTalker的公司文化、成員人格特質與我們的願景目標!

        IG :https://bit.ly/37WosPP


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        37K ~ 42K TWD / 月

        37K ~ 42K TWD / 月

        38K ~ 50K TWD / 月