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Job Description

About Us

AmazingTalker is a platform that empowers anyone to learn a language online. Since 2016 we have grown rapidly, amassing 1,000,000+ users across the globe. In 2020, we were recognized by as a leading innovator in education (Chinese-language link: Based in Taiwan, we are growing rapidly in dozens of countries and are looking to expand our team.

At AmazingTalker, we're committed to providing a great online teaching platform and growing our company. And more broadly, our aim is to become the leader in online education and make learning more accessible to people around the world.

We are currently recruiting a Customer Service Specialist. We believe that putting ourselves in customers' positions is they key to build the brand reputation of AmazingTalker. We have been constantly growing in a rapid pace, so that we aim to provide the most professional and considerable service toward our customer in order to establish the best user experience on our platform. As a result, we are looking for someone who is enthusiastic at performing customer service, is able to understand customers' needs in details, listens to users' feedbacks patiently, and is willing to take the responsibility to figure out the best solution to customers' problem

If you want to know more about AmazingTalker's corporate culture and our team members, visit our website at

About the Team

The Customer Service Team is the front-line department of AmazingTalker that carefully observes and records user behavior and feedback. The team also represents an external contact window of AmazingTalker, communicating with users and conveying our core values. We have a sense of mission to enhance the brand image of AmazingTalker, do our best to improve the user satisfaction rate, and also enjoy the sense of achievement brought by solving problems for users. This position will need to work closely with the product optimization team to help understand the needs of users and work out fundamental problems, so that users on AmazingTalker can have a better learning experience on the platform.

AmazingTalker is in the stage of rapid expansion. In 2021, we have entered the United States, Spain, and France, and we will be continuing to expand our service network to the world in the future. Therefore, talents with strong ambitions are welcomed to participate in our growing journey.

About the Role

As a Customer Relationship Specialist, you will be participating in customer service training programs and being led by senior colleagues to accumulate practical experience. You will assist the company in observing the behaviors and feedbacks of teachers and students on the platform, patiently putting yourself in customer's position to communicate and convey the core values of AmazingTalker.

The customer service team has to process hundreds of and thousands of messages every day, so you will need to prioritize your to-dos to properly arrange limited resources and time. At the same time, you will also need to have a keen sense of observation in order to find the problem in the user's narrative. In addition, you will use data analysis to collect user feedback, cooperate with the product optimization team, make suggestions, conduct research and implement, ultimately optimizing the product to fundamentally solve the user's problem. Most importantly, you will also need to optimize existing processes and establish standard operation procedures, so that repetitive tasks can be completed in a more efficient manner.

If you yearn for the interaction between people, enjoy the sense of achievement through solving problems for users, and embrace new challenges in the work, we welcome you to join us and become a part of AmazingTalker!

★ Apply here:

Your Journey At AmazingTalker

In the first month, you will…

  • Learn AmazingTalker's visions and future direction
  • Know the different functions on AmazingTalker's platform
  • Understand the operation of customer service and platform from SOP
  • Assist users in solving problems through e-mail, online customer service tools, notification letters, website messaging, telephone calls, etc., and create and edit common Q&A content to provide users with real-time answers or access to relevant information
  • Proactively communicate and coordinate issues arising from customer service across departments

In the third month, you will…

  • Assist in improving the efficiency and satisfaction rate of customer service response
  • Collect user pain points through communication with users, and proactively provide effective feedback and suggestions
  • Determine the fundamental problem from the hypothesis and verification process, and analyze and optimize it to improve the user experience

Within six to twelve month, you will...

  • Be responsible for the training of the customer service team in a certain language and its new customer service staff, building a training system for this team with its specific cultural background and settings, and continue to iterate the structure
  • Provide effective data and suggestions to relevant departments through your professional work, and track the implementation and effectiveness of your actions

★ This position is a pure customer service job position, there is no sales pressure.

★ Apply here:

Working Hours

  • This is a remote and shift job position:
    • There is currently one shift period  (Night shift allowance will be provided)
    • Night shift:Tue. to Sat. from 00:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M.
  • The schedule will be slightly rearranged in case of national holidays.

    Company benefits

    • Enjoy 15 days of annual leave every year, with an extra day added each year you work with us
    • Flexible work times
    • Gym facilities
    • Weekly boxing and yoga classes
    • Unlimited snacks and drinks
    • Free dinner Monday to Friday
    • Annual company trip
    • Subsidy for our online courses


    • Monthly salary of NT$ 40,000 - NT$ 55,000
    • 14 months salary
    • Night shift allowance
    • Stock option


    • Work Remotely


    We're looking for:

    If you have the following characteristics, you will love to join AmazingTalker:

    • Be able to quickly clarify the crux of the problem, calmly think and communicate with users rationally when dealing with urgent matters or complaints
    • Know how to determine the severity of user problems, and properly arrange the order of case handling accordingly
    • Be responsible for multiple tasks at the same time, and effectively arrange and plan your own working time
    • Be curious about new things, willing to continuously improve yourself and find new tools to improve your work efficiency
    • Have a keen sense of observation, be good at finding problems, and want to solve them fundamentally


    • Proficient in reading and writing English
    • Experience of working in a customer service-related position for more than 6 months


    • Experience of working in an e-commerce industry
    • Experience of using customer service tools, including Intercom, Elevio, etc.
    • Fluent in any of the languages below is a plus:

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    About us

    AmazingTalker 致力建立一個全方位的線上教學平台,讓任何人都可以找到最適合自己的家教,以不斷提昇線上教師收入為使命。自 2016 年 12 月創辦以來,在 60 多個國家和地區,累積超過 110 萬註冊用戶、起過 7000 位線上家教。2020 年入選「親子天下」的【教育新創20+】,2021 年入選【AAMA台北搖籃計劃】。我們目標是成為台灣教育新創界第一間「獨角獸」,讓世界看見台灣。

    『人才,是 AmazingTalker 最重要的資產。』—這是我們核心的文化,我們相信凝聚一群對的人,是成就非凡的關鍵
    在AmazingTalker的每一天步調宇宙無敵快,每個人都為更快速成長,不斷尋找並實現更多可能性。我們設立明確且遠大的目標,由目標驅動公司大大小小的決定,明確讓我們不容易迷失,遠大符合我們樂於挑戰的特性。同事們被賦予高度主導權 (決策權、各種資源調度),培養獨立思考、解決問題能力,並且能為自由負責任。




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