Job Description

Secondary International Program Manager Subject/Area specialization 

Requiring experiences in organizing student clubs, activities and etc. Full time. 

Job Description: We are currently recruiting an experienced Secondary international program manager (academic /planning) who can participate in the development and evaluation. Who will partner with the other leaders on the leadership team to effectively manage the school. 

Functional Area: Management Responsibilities: -Collaborates with other leaders to plan and execute curriculum and instruction that fosters student growth and creativity through aligned, culturally relevant materials and pedagogy. -Promotes and develops strong teams that collaborate towards daily teaching and managing. -Performs a variety of administrative duties to manage the school. -Supervises and evaluates the performance of designated certificated and/or classified personnel; assigns duties to faculty and staff as appropriate to meet school objectives. -Collaborate with the School Leadership Team to continuously improve personal practice, classroom instruction, assessment. -Observe teachers weekly to gather data on learning and teacher proficiency to diagnose teachers strengths and weaknesses constantly and determine strategies for improving their practice and improving learning. -Listens to and responds appropriately to students, parents, staff and teachers


Candidate Requirement

- Bachelor or related qualifications 

- Experience in training for teachers (above two years is preferred) and ensure the high quality of teaching services 

- Strong managing experiences in schools or educational institutions 

- Good background and knowledge of understanding and working with staff and teachers

- Self paced and timeline watcher on targets 

- Well organized and good in feedback and report to the superiors

- Be self-motivated and working without close supervision 

- Be able to work on schedules, well time planner and report responsively.

1 years of experience required
1K ~ 2.5K USD / month
Managing staff numbers: not specified
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The American School Districts Education Association (ASDEA) is a collaboration of 28 school districts from five states, namely, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and Connecticut. It is dedicated to the exchange and cooperation of international education between member schools and schools from outside the United States.
Initially, Wisconsin School District Alliance led by the Wisconsin Public School Districts and the University of Wisconsin, which has started its collaborations with government partners and schools in building with sister-relationships and establishing international projects and programs, hence the first representing office was officially opened in Beijing, 2013.
Following the years, more and more school districts from states other than Wisconsin would like to be part of the alliance and participate with the international programs, which have been successfully operated in China. With the initial foundation and leadership of school districts in Wisconsin, the American School District Education Association (ASDEA) has included school districts from other four states. ASDEA is taking all participated school districts from Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and Connecticut following the original success pathway from Wisconsin School District Alliance, keep learning and strive for greater exchanges and development in the Asia-Pacific region.


Entry level
30K ~ 100K USD / year

Entry level
650 ~ 2K USD / month