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Job Description

  • IMPORTANT: This is a "full-stack" position, which means you must be willing to work in all layers of our platform, ranging from UI/client (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, iOS, Android) to server (Java, SQL) to infrastructure (Amazon Web Services, Chef, Jenkins) to QA (test case development, unit testing, smoke testing, end-to-end testing, regression testing). You must be an expert in one area and be willing to learn and be productive in other areas efficiently and effectively.
  • Design, develop, and support multi-tiered, highly-scalable applications and systems using many different technologies in large-scale, complex distributed environments
  • Explore challenging new areas and build high-quality software solutions for new and existing products
  • Work closely with other software development engineers, QAEs, and UX designers, as well as international teams in United States, Taiwan, and China to develop top-quality products that solve actual business and technology problems
  • Have a relentless focus on scalability, latency, performance, robustness, and cost trade-offs – especially those present in highly virtualized, elastic, cloud-based environments


Basic Qualifications
- BS/MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or related fields
- Strong English proficiency
- Minimum of 3 years' experience in software development
- You must be an expert in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (UI/client)
- Solid proficiency in software design patterns
- Experience in SQL and relational database design
- Solid understanding of fundamental algorithms, system design, and data structures, and ability to reason through the myriad trade-offs that are present in large distributed systems
- Ability to produce bullet-proof code that is fault-tolerant, efficient, and maintainable
- Ability to multi-task, quickly adapt to new development environments, learn new systems, create reliable/maintainable code, and find creative and scalable solutions to difficult problems
- Self-starters that are motivated to work independently or in small teams
- Comfortable operating in a fast-paced startup environment
- Willing to go "full-stack" and work with all layers of software stack. Willing to learn new technologies and be productive quickly.

Preferred Qualifications
- Have worked in all layers of software stack
- Experience with Amazon Web Services
- Experience with Linux operating systems
- Experience with Agile, SCRUM, and lean software development
- Experience with CI/CD/CT
- Have QA mindset


40K+ TWD/month



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AMPOS Solutions


About us

大家好,我們是一間跨國新創公司 AMPOS,因為業務擴增,所以急需好手加入,位在便利的市中心台北辦公室(忠孝復興捷運站附近)。

我們主要的產品是針對亞太地區的 Talent Management System 解決方案,我們致力於研發協助 HR 夥伴推動人才發展的各種工具、發揮人才最大價值的企業多元方案。想要節省營運成本、提高營運績效、培育及發掘內部人才、精准管理到各階層人員?我們都能做到,且超乎想像。

也因為是B2B 的屬性,所以在網路上很難找到相關訊息,但基本上在公司營運和資金的部分不須擔心。目前已成功協助製造、餐飲、零售等相關產業提升人力資源運用,並於上海、臺北、曼谷成立據點,深耕國際市場,打造世界級的研發環境。

We are AMPOS, a growing software company where innovation knows no limit. Our employee productivity platform helps large enterprises reduce cost, turnover, and improve employee management.We are a no nonsense fast-moving team with extensive software development and management experience at Amazon, IBM, Intel, MicroStrategy, PayPal, PwC, Thomson Reuters, Trend Micro, Harvard Business School, Carnegie Mellon University and Chulalongkorn's Sasin Business School.

We are backed with strong financial support from strategic investors and are looking for people who are hungry and passionate to make a difference and grow with our company. Read more about us at

Our products include web-based management interface for managing employees as well as data analytics iOS/Android app:
- For senior management and middle managers to obtain latest information as well as notifications on the status of their operations and employees
- For employees to get basic HR and communication tools with their manager as well as view related information into their career.


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