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Job Description


  • 產品售前
    • 負責售前拍攝測試,包含環境參數設定與實際拍攝
    • 負責產品技術與使用說明文件準備
    • 協助新產品/技術的溝通
    • 協助開發/找尋潛在銷售機會與客戶
  • 產品售後
    • 負責產品售後維護與技術支援 (需與原廠聯繫合作)
    • 負責發想/制定AOI系統解決方案 (根據客戶需求)
    • 協助客戶關係維護 (例: 技術支援提供效率, 信任建立...等)
  • 其他
    • 協助內部AOI相關知識訓練課程
    • 參與新品發布會或其他相關講座課程
    • 達到/超越管理層對技術支援與客戶關係維護期望


*整體年薪約80-100萬 (保障13個月月薪+三節獎金),業績獎金另計

Job Description
  • Pre Sales
    • Conduct shooting test, including test environment set up and the actual shooting
    • Develop the product manual or other technical documents
    • Communicate the new product or AOI technology with the customers
    • Analyze and identify the potential sales opportunities of existing or new customers
  • After-Sales
    • Execute the annual maintenance or other provisional requests of technical support
    • Design the customized AOI system solution
    • Manage customer relationships (e.g. efficiency of technical support, trust of customer...etc.)
  • Others
    • Execute the internal training activities to transfer the skill and knowledge of AOI system
    • Participate in the product launch date or other business activities /workshops as requested
    • Meet or exceed management goals and objectives for technical support and customer relationship management

*Business trip in TW required (mostly in central-northern TW)

*Annual package around 800-1,000k (13 monthly salary+allowance), sales bonus not included


    • 經歷: 具有自動光學檢測或光電相關產業任職經驗佳
    • 學歷: 專科以上
    • 科系: 電機電子工程相關、電機電子維護相關、光電工程相關 (若有光電相關任職經驗,則科系無限制)
    • 駕照: 普通小型車 (必備)
    • 語言能力:
      • 必備: 英文中等 (讀寫必備, 可聽說, 進行簡易溝通佳)
      • 加分: 台語中等 (聽說佳)
    • 人格特質:
      • 積極主動, 面對問題積極尋求解決方案
      • 細心謹慎, 注重細節謹慎應對客戶需求
    • 其他:
      • 熟悉/願意接受本土新創工作環境
      • 具有相機操作/攝影經驗加分
    • Work Experience: Relevant experience in AOI or Optics industry is preferred (Not a must)
    • Education: Above junior college
    • Background: Electrical Engineer, Electro-Optical Engineering (Not a must if have relevant work experience)
    • License: Driving license
    • Language ability:
      • Must: English (Reading/Writing is a must, Listening/Speaking is preferred)
      • Plus: Taiwanese
    • Personality:
      • Proactive, able to actively solve problems and seek solutions
      • Detail-oriented, pay attention to details, and handle the requests from clients cautiously
    • Others:
      • Camera operation/Photo shooting experience is a plus
      • Familiar with/Able to adapt to the local start-up environment

    Interview process

    • 履歷
    • 第一階段面試
      • 人資
    • 第二階段面試
      • 宏揚精密 CEO
    3 stages interview
    • CV Screening
    • 1st interview
      • HR
    • 2nd interview
      • AMV CEO

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