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At Anchor Taiwan, we believe in backing changemakers for cross-border collaboration and community integration. We wrap business insight and market immersion in a transformative journey. We build programs that we ourselves dream of experiencing for global business exploration. We aspire to be the partner and investor that we ourselves want to work with.

Connecting the world with Taiwan through entrepreneurship – join our movement in making our world more open, abundant and connected tomorrow.

What we are looking for:
➤ Multi-disciplinary & cross-cultural
➤ Believer of curiosity, community, creativity & compassion
➤ Can-do attitude: dream, then find solutions and execute
➤ Comfortable with ambiguity, change, and fast paced environments
➤ Radical transparency, highest integrity & accountability
➤ From Taiwan for the world

Anchor Taiwan 相信我們可以透過創新創業,讓世界看見不一樣的台灣,引領全球的科技和創意產業到這塊土地上,與我們的年輕人才及產業交流合作。

從2017年成立至今,我們從零到有,已經帶進七個梯次的優秀創業家和科技人才,並在2019年開始早期投資的佈局(Anchor Venture Partners)。我們的團員來自全球加速器Y Combinator、500 Startups等頂尖創投投資的新創,以及Uber、Intel、UBS等跨國企業。透過商業對接、社群交流和文化體驗,陸續有各國團員結業後”把心留在台灣”,來台設立公司和招募台灣人才,或加入台灣的團隊。我們相信台灣的美好,並相信足夠的人捲起袖子一起相信一件事情,就可以創造很多奇蹟。


歡迎這樣的你/ 妳加入 A Team:
➤ 多元的興趣與文化背景
➤ 相信好奇心、社群、創意與同理心的重要性
➤ 夢想與執行力
➤ 擁抱瞬息萬變的新創環境
➤ 透明的溝通、至高的操守要求與道德和責任感
➤ 用世界的頂級標準,從台灣出發

Products or services

Anchor Taiwan is a platform for world-class entrepreneurs and professionals to experience and succeed in Asia through Taiwan. Since its inception in 2017, it has hosted top founders and executives from Y Combinator, 500 Startups, UBS, Deutsche Telekom, Warner Bros., Uber and Intel, to name a few. Specializing in curation, mobilization and execution for win-win cross-border collaboration, Anchor Taiwan provides business advancement and market/cultural immersion for its members while engaging and empowering local communities. Find out more:

Anchor Taiwan 透過商業對接、社群交流和文化體驗,吸引國際新創和科技人才在台駐點,提升台灣的能見度,並增加廠商合作和資金人才往來的機會。目前已經參訪配合過的企業及社群夥伴包含宏達電、光寶、緯創、大型加速器 AppWorks、Girls in Tech、工研院快制中心、外貿協會等等。成立至今,Anchor Taiwan 帶進全球加速器龍頭 Y Combinator 以及 500 Startups 投資的團隊,以及來自華納兄弟 (Warner Bros.)、德國電信 (Deutsche Telekom)、瑞銀 (UBS)、Uber、Intel 等國際人才,舉辦過的科技論壇以及創業沙龍含括物聯網、設計思考、群眾募資、農業科技、教育、虛擬實境、循環經濟等。Anchor Taiwan 於2019年開始 Anchor Venture Partners 的佈局,透過早期投資為創新創業帶來更多動能。|

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