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Company summary

a brand new startup looking to make a splash in the Creator Economy space.

In short, we want to help creators and influencers simplify their business operations so that they can leave the mundane, boring tasks to us and instead focus on what they do best - CREATING CONTENT.

We’ll also guide them towards making the best use of their time by creating content that THEIR FANS WILL LOVE through smart analytics and engagement measuring.

Just think of it like a set of productivity and analytic tools for content creators and influencers.

For now, we’re focused on building out the foundation of our core team, with members originating from Taiwan, Canada and Hong Kong ( We’re currently based in Hong Kong though! )

Products or services

We believe that owning people’s attention is the most valuable asset in the world.

The evolution of the internet has decentralized traditional media over time. From being just a repository of information, it has now evolved into a powerful resource that caters to diverse needs of billions of users. It has become an avenue where people express their passions and connect to a wide audience.

The creator economy has democratized how content is produced, distributed, and consumed. In previous generations, content was mostly dictated or regulated by big companies. Today, the content economy empowers both the creators and their audiences. 

(What’s a creator? A creator might be a blogger, author, maker, YouTuber, poet, painter, musician, podcaster, chef, designer, or teacher. What binds the creators we serve together is that they make a living doing work that matters, and they earn their living online.)


Vision of AnyoneLab:
To create a sustainable ecosystem for creators to turn their passion into a legitimate profession.

Mission of AnyoneLab:
To empower creators build a successful digital business with AnyoneLab’s tools.



Full Stack Software Engineer - Entry / Intermediate (Optional Remote Work)

In one sentence, we would describe this role as someone will be one of our “Founding Fifteen” and write a lot if code, make various technical and product-related decisions along the way and ultimat...
Updated 3 Months ago
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