Full Stack Software Engineer - Entry / Intermediate (Optional Remote Work)

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Job Description

In one sentence, we would describe this role as someone will be one of our “Founding Fifteen” and write a lot if code, make various technical and product-related decisions along the way and ultimately build out our core product from zero to one.


🚀 As a founding team member:

  • You lead by example and influence others positively.
    You’re a leader and you’ll be instrumental to shaping the culture of the entire team. No assholes.
  • You know how to ruthlessly prioritize tasks.
    Knowing WHEN to work on WHAT and what to save for later is a key skill for early-stage team members because there’s a hundred things to work on at any given time.

  • You are a self-starter.
    If you see a critical task that needs to be worked on, you don’t wait!

  • You have integrity.
    Being honest, acknowledging mistakes and growing from them is more important than “getting it right the first time”.

  • You are empathetic.
    Fast-paced startups generally have less protocols and more flexibility which can lead to opposing views and disagreements. A founding team member should be empathetic and respectful. Rarely is there only one right answer, and rarely are there decisions that can’t be reversed. We expect you to think from the other person’s shoes. Again, no assholes.


💻 As an engineer on the team, your responsibilities include:

  • Building features with performance, reliability and security in mind
  • Maintaining code quality through intentional architecture, documentation and code review
  • Leading and contributing actively to technical and product discussions
  • Participating in user interviews and usability tests


⚔️ Our tech stack + tools we use / want to adopt:

  • React / Typescript
  • Express / FeatherJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker / Kubernetes / AWS
  • Git / Github
  • Figma
  • Slack / Trello
  • Google Analytics


    🌱 Basic requirements:

    • You’ve been coding for 1 - 2 years in a professional setting.

    • You make sure to always communicate with your team.

    • You’re particularly interested in the Creator Economy space or working in a fast-paced startup environment.

    • You shrug off failure and don’t mind making mistakes as long as you learn from it and pivot fast.

    • You understand the importance of Minimal Necessary Documentation*.

    • You are fluent in all / any of Mandarin, Cantonese and English


    🦉 Bonus points if you:

    • Have some experience in any of these:
      React / NextJS, Vue / Nuxt, Express, FeatherJS, GraphQL, Sequelize, Knex, Objection, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, React Native, AWS / DevOps, Docker, RestAPI

    • Know your way around tools like Figma, Slack, Google Analytics.

    • Have some experience with the Agile development process, Scrum / Kanban, understanding user stories, breaking down technical tasks.

    • Worked in early-stage startups before that dealt with building and architecturing from the ground up.

    • Have shipped feature(s) or have code working in a production app right now. Show us!

    • You think about the code you write, not just in ways they work but in ways they can fail.

    • You have experience writing tests! We’re not at that stage yet but when the time comes, this experience will be super valuable!

    • Have friends or know people who are content creators / influencers. No better way to get user feedback than by asking your friends to test out your hard work. Or if you’re an influencer yourself.

    • Have read or heard of the book <<勇敢就能擁抱世界>>.


    🌋 Additional things you should know:

    • Our office space is currently located near Lai Chi Kok in Hong Kong but you’re welcome to work from anywhere as long as you’re responsive on our communication tools.

    • We believe that work isn’t about sitting at your desk 9 - 5 so feel free to go grab a coffee, run an errand at the bank or pick up your kids after school. As long as you communicate to your team and get your tasks completed by the agreed upon date, you’re free to manage your own time.


    We’re currently open to all levels of experience and we value learning on the job, mentoring and helping each other grow, so don’t feel pressured to have a wealth of technical / professional experience.
    You’re NOT expected to know everything. You ARE expected to have a drive to learn.


    Documentation isn’t fun, we get it but we hope to create a culture where we write the minimal amount of documentation required to communicate the most important things. This is especially important for startups with tight timelines since administrative tasks take away from the actual development work.


    Interview process

    🐡 There will be 2 rounds of interviews. 

    The interviews are designed to see how we would work together as a team and you will be assessed in the following three dimensions: 

    • technical competency
    • aptitude / cultural fit
    • team chemistry


    🎈 First round ( introductory / technical )

    • introductory chat about your background and experience
    • a few non-whiteboarding, technical questions
    • short pair programming session
    • the whole experience should take less than 1.5 hours


    🎊 Second round ( Meet the founders + team fit )

    • in-depth chat about the vision of the product
    • career goals
    • understand the team culture
    • the whole experience should take around 1 hour or less


      🧭 Steps to apply

      Shoot us your resume, Linkedin profile, Github account, portfolio, link to a cool app you built or anything else that might impress us! Or old videos of you 💃 singing 🕺 on youtube also works - Bonus points if you have this!

      email to [email protected]

      P.S. Here’s something for you to read to know what you should be expecting when joining an early stage startup.


      15,000 ~ 25,000 HKD / month
      Optional Remote Work
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      In short, we want to help creators and influencers simplify their business operations so that they can leave the mundane, boring tasks to us and instead focus on what they do best - CREATING CONTENT.

      We’ll also guide them towards making the best use of their time by creating content that THEIR FANS WILL LOVE through smart analytics and engagement measuring.

      Just think of it like a set of productivity and analytic tools for content creators and influencers.

      For now, we’re focused on building out the foundation of our core team, with members originating from Taiwan, Canada and Hong Kong ( We’re currently based in Hong Kong though! )


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