51 - 200 people

Backend Developer

Job Description

Back-End Software Engineer –
Safari with with extremely smart and self-driven people
Have front-end experience but want to accumulate more back-end experience?
Great at back-end platforms but want to dabble with Artificial Intelligence?
Dreaming of growing with the smartest and self-driven people on this island?
Awesome! YOU are the one we are looking for to join this Safari solving the most difficult problems with AI technology.

We are…
At Appier, we solve the most difficult user problems and use AI technology to bring value to the world. How? Using AI technology, simply providing organized data for data scientists to analyze can no longer satisfies us. We break the barrier between human-machine and automate cognitive process of human mind, the best decision making which takes hundreds of thousands of human brain to achieve.

Going back to people, Appiers come with the best academic background and equip with best practices from the past experiences in tech giants such as Google, Yahoo...etc.
Of course, what is impressive isn’t where we are from, but what we’ve accomplished. We've launched the behavior analysis platform which can comprehensively understand anyone, at any time, on any devices. Just imagine we are the cloest friend of everyone in the cyber world and can help you even before you think of. Can you imagine how powerful it is in different applications?

The Challenge...
We are creating more services generating tremendous value to the world using AI technology and with the incredible speed of the growth of our customers, we need experienced and the smartest people like you to design the most flexible, scalable back-end
architecture with optimized performance to pave the engineering road of our new products.

We Love...
A true adventurer, a go-getter of an engineer who is self-motivated and driven and willing to involve in every aspect of the productlization cycle from idea brainstorming to engineering art work.

1. Technical leader within team to lead back-end engineering work
2. Design & develop server-side architecture & function logic of new services
3. Design and maintain database schemas for new services
4. Ensures the scalibility of the system
5. Integrate the front-end modules built by your coworkers into new services
6. Ensure the high performance of responsiveness to requests from the front-end
7. Build reusable code and libraries for future use
8. Build unit tests and test automation
9. Handle and resolve issues escalated from the production operational environment
10. Perform code reviews to ensure existing code stay high-quality, fast, scalable, and flexible
11. Participate in idea brainstorming and contribute ideas to technology, algorithms and products



[Must requirement] 1. Self-driven mindset(Responsible, Aggressive, Proactive) 2. A basic understanding of front-end technologies 3. 3+ year experience in back-end programming using Python, Javascript 4. 3+ Experience in integration of multiple data sources, data migration, transformation and database schema(Go/Mongo DB, NoSQL/Rest API) 5. Proficient in using code vesion control tools, such as Git 6. 2+ year experience in back-end architecture design with proven stories 7. Experience in code complete, knowing how to write quality codes [Plus] 1. MS in computer science 2. Experience in driving technical projects from beginning to end 3. Experience in real-time log aggregation 4. Experience in distributed programming 5. Experience developing large applications, and applying code design patterns to implement modular, maintainable and extensible design solutions 6. Knowledge of best engineering practices around building high performance, reliable and scalable web services




2018 Senior Developer Speed Interview

2018 Senior Developer Speed Interview


此次活動由 CakeResume 嚴選 10 家科技公司,聯合舉辦快速面試活動。iOS / Android / Web / Unity / Hardware / Server 等高薪職缺,2018.03.03 等你來挑戰!