Summer Associate (MBA Intern) 暑期投資經理

Job Description

Spend a summer with AppWorks. Gain first-hand experience advising startups and making VC investments. Be considered for full-time after the program.

1. Research markets, verticals and investment opportunities
2. Help make investment decisions and participate in closings
3. Help track portfolio progress and solve problems
4. Coordinate team efforts


Required Experience & Skills 1. Passionate about Internet, startups and making a big impact 2. Self-driven 3. Strong critical thinking 4. High intellectual curiosity 5. Can dive into details 6. Good soft / networking skills 7. Solid written and verbal English communication 8. Great with spreadsheets (Excel) 9. 5+ years of work experience in Internet Preferred Experience & Skills (Not Required) 1. A current top-tier MBA student 2. Has a strong online presence 3. Is a good author 4. Lived outside of Taiwan To Apply Click here to start your application



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