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Job Description

We are recruiting outstanding fresh graduates or recent graduates to join our team. This program welcomes graduates from local or overseas universities.

Target Audience:

- individuals interested in natural language processing, machine learning, statistical learning

- Fresh graduate / undergraduate looking for internship

- Post-graduate in related subject fits the best

- Major in Information Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics are most recommended

required abilities:

- strong background in Python development with numerical libraries like NumPy and SciPy

- self-learning ability is required

- familiar with linux systems

- experience with git and simple CI/CD practise

- Pytorch / Jax related experience will be much appreciate

- Understanding with production related softwares and libraries are a plus:

- Docker

- AWS / Azure related cloud computing experience

Applicants who provide their own projects’ repo with topics regard to machine-learning or natural language processing will be considered first

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to [email protected] with the title Note "Apply for the position of R&D engineer in Taiwan Asiabots".


- 招募對象:對自然語意處理、機器學習及數據學習有興趣者

- 科系限制:資訊工程學系、資訊科學系、統計學系


- 熟悉Python 且使用 NumPy 和 SciPy 等數值庫

- 熟悉Linux系統

- 擁有自主學習的能力

- 具有 git 和基礎 CI/CD 實踐的經驗


- 具相關領域的碩士學位

- 了解與生產相關的軟體及資料庫, 如Docker, AWS/Azure等相關雲計算經驗

- 具有 Pytorch/ Jax的經驗




[email protected], 於標題標註〈申請 台灣Asiabots R&D 工程師職位〉

50K ~ 100K TWD / month
Managing staff numbers: not specified
Optional Remote Work
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50K ~ 80K TWD / month