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具工作熱忱、態度積極佳。 觀光工廠行銷企劃佈置、商展、文創行銷活動有興趣者。


27K ~ 38K TWD/month

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上島食品創立於1979年,30年來上島食品研發烘培,多種獨特口味的咖啡豆,70年代珍珠奶茶崛起,上島食品也扮演創史的角色,也是早期進軍國際市場香港、澳門、美國…值得一提的是,也是第一家到大陸生產、開店推廣的品牌,征服了很多地方,開過眾多不同型態的店。 有感於臺灣茶飲進入到國際市場,於2015年成立奇麗灣企業全球總部,旗下的上島食品提供Bubble Tea產業的原物料及產品研發和代工;上統食品提供創業開店輔導、技術教學轉移、協助自創品牌、品牌連鎖化等。 奇麗灣企業全球總部,打造全球首座珍珠奶茶文化館,也是一座創夢綠工廠,由農場到餐桌、品牌到世界,並以「台灣的好味道,讓世界都知道」為企業願景,勢必要讓台灣珍奶在世界各地遍地開花。 The Shang Dao Food Ltd. Co., brief introduction Shang Dao Food Ltd. Co., founded from 1979 years. There are 30-year rich experiences in RD bakery to create various special flavors of coffee beans. Since 70 dynasties bubble milk tea was burning in which period our Shang Dao still role a historical creationist. Such as Hong Kong, Macao, America and so on all are our national standard marketing. There is one important point needs to mention that is we are the first one company was entrance MOC to production, open stores, create brands and promotion… For this reason, we wined many flourishes popular and created different types of stores in many locations. Because for one kind of single emotion from Taiwan tea drinking enter the national market as to found Kili bay enterprise the world headquarters of a team. The team of Shang Dao Food Ltd. Co., supply bubble milk tea industries of material, products RD and OEM. The team of Shang Tong is responsible for open store guidance, tech. transfer teaching, assistance create OBM, logo chain stores and so on. Kili bay enterprise the world headquarters of a team created one set of bubble milk tea cultural hall around the world firstly. At the same time, this is one kind of creative dreaming and green factory. From farm to meal table and logo famous around the world to look forward Taiwanese food good delicious for everybody all known worldwide. This is a Kili bay enterprise wishing and must be pushed Taiwan bubble milk tea drinking spreads around the world everywhere.

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