Aurora Technology Inc.

Company summary

OUR VISION In today's fast-paced and evolving business environment, companies need to continually reinvent themselves to stay ahead. We at Aurora Tech adopt an innovation-led approach to help our clients "re-imagine and re-invent" their objectives. At Aurora Tech, we develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We leverage on the skilled dedication and drive of our people. From our dynamic leadership team; to our adept technical engineers; and savvy sales managers -- our people are hands-on, and out there in the field, in the markets you operate in. This first-hand knowledge gives our people insight into what our clients need.

Products or services

WHAT WE DO Aurora Tech handles tough client challenges by providing unparalleled solutionsin strategy, consulting, technology and operations. We presently spearhead the industry standard for Fintech, Gaming Data Analysis and MLM systems.

Employee benefits

◆ 薪資及獎金 1. 保障年薪 2. 公司績效獎金 3. 結婚禮金 ◆ 休假制度 1. 年假及特休 2. 女性生理假 3. 婚喪假及產假 4. 彈性上下班時間 ◆保險類 1. 職災保險 2. 勞健保 ◆ 休閒類 1. 每月慶生會 2. 員工聚餐 3. 免費零食,飲料及咖啡無限享用 4. 不定期舉辦員工活動(端午、中秋活動、聖誕Party、尾牙) 5. 增進交流的讀書會 ◆ 其他 1. 健康檢查 2. 員工進修補助

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