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【職務內容 : 資料庫設計建置、資料庫運行、資料庫安全】

  • 規劃、設計、建置資料庫
  • 資料庫開發支援、資料建模、設計評審及SQL審核
  • 規劃及執行資料備援及回覆計畫
  • 設計及建置資料庫HA及災難復原計畫
  • 管理及監控資料庫效能,針對相關參數、SQL語法、索引規劃、資料分區及壓縮等進行調教優化

  • 【Goal】
    Be responsible for database daily operation, management and maintenance.

    A. Design & Create
  • Create and design database based on the needs of end user, and the overall project requirements.
  • Recommend and implement emerging database technologies.
  • Design a complete data backup plan.

    B. Run & Maintain
  • Monitor database performance to ensure end users are receiving the information needed in as little time as possible.
  • If performance is suffering, DBA should identify the problem and promptly fix it.
  • Run tests on the new solution to ensure it functions correctly before fully rolling it out.

    C. Security & Permission
  • Controlling all employee access and permissions for accessing their employer’s databases

Documenting data policies and procedures as well as data standards.


  • 【必備條技能&件】
  • 具備資料庫經驗及相關知識
  • 熟悉SQL, SQL Server工具的使用
  • 對細節的洞察力
  • 具備基礎IT經驗與知識
  • 優秀的溝通、書寫能力
  • 優秀的資料庫安全、資料庫備援、災難復原知識,並按照流程監控資料庫

【Skills & Qualifications】

  • Database experience, know how databases function.
  • Strong command of SQL and SQL server tools.
  • Impeccable attention to detail.
  • Entry-level IT experience and knowledge.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of database security, backup and recovery, and performance monitoring standards
  • Teamwork skills.

【其他條件】 :

【Other Conditions】 :

  • 具3年以上DBA經驗者佳

3+years of DAB experience

  • 須能獨立作業,且有良好溝通技巧、團隊合作技巧、問題解決技巧

Be able to work independently. Be good in communication, teamwork, problem solving.

  • 熟悉Linux

Familiar with Linux

  • 具備資料庫效能調校與獨立規劃資料庫系統經驗者

Have experience in


80K ~ 80K TWD/month



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