Job Description

  • 負責專案時程安排、掌控,依照時程推動專案開發進度
  • 與客戶溝通、協調,釐清客戶需求
  • 規劃、完成專案設定目標
  • 與團隊工程師溝通、調度、安排工作,合作開發專案
  • 確保團隊工程師了解專案目標,確保客戶的需求被滿足
  • 確保團隊產出品質、時間、成本都在預期範圍內
  • 建立專案roadmap
  • 建立測試 (QA) 計畫並

  • l Be responsible for the project timeline and execute according to the schedule
  • l Smoothly communication with the customer and get the approvals at every phase of the project.
  • l Plan and complete the project as defined goal.
  • l Collaborate with the software engineer to develop the project.
  • l Ensure that project team members do the thing right and customer requirement can be fulfilled.
  • l Ensure the quality of outcome, time, and the cost is the expectation.
  • l Design game features and prepare a product roadmap for future updates
  • l Testing product and make sure everything is bug-free before delivering any updates
  • l Track performance of product and communicate strategy on how to improve metrics



其他條件 :

    Other Conditions :

    (1) 重視團隊合作並尊重不同型態的夥伴。

    Corporate with the team, and willing to accept different voice.

    (2) 樂於與他人溝通、凝聚共識以完成任務目標者。

    Willing to communicate with the team, and maintain the consensus and goals.

    (3) 符合 (3.1) (3.2) (3.3) 任何一項者。

    Candidate who meets one of (3.1)~(3.3)

    (3.1) 擁有軟體開發經驗 1 年以上者。

    With one plus years experience in Software Development

    (3.2) 擁有軟體測試經驗 1 年以上者。

    With one plus years experience in Software Testing

    (3.3) 擁有軟體專案管理經驗 1 年以上者。

    With one plus years experience in Software Project Management

    (4) 有自信可獨當一面解決問題者。

    Be confident to solve the problem

    加分條件 (非必要條件):

    Bonus Conditions (Not necessarily) :

    (1) 熟悉 API 規格制定者更佳。

    Familiar with API spec

    (2) 熟悉 SA / SD 者更佳。

    Familiar with SA/ SD

    (3) 熟悉專案管理工具者更佳 ( 例如:Jira / Slack/ Trello ...)。

    Familiar with project management tool (Ex, Jira/ Slack/ Trello…)

    (4) 曾經領導專案開發 / 產品開發者更佳。

    With experience in leading project development or product development

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    Aurora Technology Inc. 賽席爾商極光科技有限公司


    About us

    About Us

    Aurora Tech is a Fintech company under AT Capital Group. Our team is mission-focused and eminently skilled. We are enthusiastic about treasured employees and passionate about building great software solutions.

    What we do

    Companies need to continually reinvent themselves to stay ahead in the fast-paced and evolving business environment. At Aurora Tech, we immerse in spotting the delicate differences and focus on solving the most interesting and complicated challenges in the industry. We unceasingly develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

    Our Fintech team, with dynamic leadership group and adept technical engineers, grants us the leverage to spearhead the industry. Along with the hands-on expertise, insights from the field, and sharp talents, we develop and afford in-house system and solutions satisfying our clients’ vital issues.

    Aurora Tech handles tough challenges with technology as the foundation. Besides providing unparalleled strategy of solution, consulting, technology, and operations, we take the lead as the industry standard for Fintech, Trading Platform, and Gaming Data Analysis.


    In today's fast-paced and evolving business environment, companies need to continually reinvent themselves to stay ahead.

    We at Aurora Tech adopt an innovation-led approach to help our clients "re-imagine and re-invent" their objectives.

    At Aurora Tech, we develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

    We leverage on the skilled dedication and drive of our people.

    From our dynamic leadership team; to our adept technical engineers; and savvy sales managers -- our people are hands-on, and out there in the field, in the markets you operate in.

    This first-hand knowledge gives our people insight into what our clients need.

    Aurora Tech handles tough client challenges by providing unparalleled strategy of solution, consulting, technology and operations.

    We presently spearhead the industry standard for Fintech.


    Aurora tech

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