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This is an early announcement, please follow us.
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This is an early announcement, please follow us.
We will open new account very soon.

The details will be announced soon.

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The avalanche computing is funded by Nvidia USA alumni at Santa Clara, CA, USA, 2018. At the end of 2018, the core team was built in Taipei, Taiwan. After 1 year collaborate with many enterprises, the Avalanche Computing Taiwan Inc. is registered in Feb, 2020. At the 1st month, we won the Airbus global top-10 innovation startup in March, joined NVIDIA global inception program, and join NTUTEC. 

The barrier to entry in AI is lower than ever before because of the open-source software including a number of frameworks (tensorflow, keras, pytorch, et., al.). However, to develop the specific AI application, the company engineers need to build the data pipeline, computing environment, and AI models. Those processes are still difficult for traditional companies and SMEs.

In order to overcome the challenges above, we provide the hyper-scale computing technique for doing deep learning. The hyper-scale computing framework is a deep learning end-to-end solution. Through our hyper-scale solution, the clients can focus on innovation and then we do rest (for example, we provide hyper-scale architecture, multi-GPUs, and distributed model training, and hyper-scale inference on 10000+ edges devices). Then, our clients just need to put their AI models into the framework in mins.

This is our first goal, which is to provide the high-speed and lower deploy time framework for the AI application providers. Now, for the ASIA clients, we only focus on industry AI and medical AI provides. For US clients, we will provide cloud-based hyper-scale inference services.


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