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📈 SEO Digital Marketing Specialist will be responsible for:

1) the implementation and the growth of paid and organic search marketing efforts

2) leading to increasing reach and conversion across web properties. 

Required: Responsible for the execution of tactics associated with the management of paid keyword campaigns (PPC advertising), keyword, and organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. 

Bonus: Proficiency in Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Heap, Segment, and/or Amplitude; social media and email marketing campaigns.


負責付費搜索和自然搜索營銷的實施和增長,促進整個網絡媒體資源的 reach and conversion. 執行相關策略,包括策付費關鍵字廣告系列(PPC廣告),關鍵字和自然搜索引擎優化SEO策略管理。


- Experience in SEO
- Native English ability, especially writing, in order to be effective in copy writing.
- Assist in the ongoing creation, editing, management, organization, and optimization of organizational web content.
- Conduct on-page SEO across all web properties to ensure pages are ranking for target keywords.
- Implement information architecture best practices when building future site areas and re-architecting existing web pages and microsites.
- Report on keyword rankings across key areas and optimize content accordingly to enhance our presence in search engines.
- Manage and optimize ongoing pay-per-click search advertising campaigns for core areas of focus at the brand, service line and local levels.
- Analyze and report on changes in search-related growth, constantly iterating and optimizing paid and organic search marketing campaigns based on data.
- Conduct keyword analysis to determine which keywords are primary and secondary targets for ranking across web areas.
- Implement local search optimization efforts for location-based web assets.
- Perform keyword research to inform opportunities for new web content creation.
- Work with key stakeholders to get new content online for new projects and make updates existing content updated with search engine marketing best practices in mind.


20K ~ 60K TWD/month

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About us




除了在 CakeResume 上申請之外,還請您必須在我們的網站上申請。


1. 科技新創:快速發展、風氣自由、透明制度,外商制度,軟體孵化新創團隊
2. 創造高潛力 web/native apps(非接案、外包、博弈,不是 contractor)
3. 史丹佛麻省理工校友創立,來自矽谷、紐約,有科技創業經驗


1. 想 remote 遠端、彈性上下班、不打卡
2. 是具有創業精神的全端網頁工程師/網頁設計師
3. 對國際市場有野心及熱情、極度追求工作成就感
4. 渴望有挑戰、有未來發展的事業
5. 想要有參與感、主導權、自主性
6. 想去美國工作

我們希望能認識你,讓 Avance Venture Lab 成為你的第一站,一起快速成長!



E1 — 初級工程師 I (36~60萬)
E2 — 初級工程師 II (60~84萬)
E3 — 初級工程師 III (84~108萬)

E4 — 資深工程師 I (108~132萬)
E5 — 資深工程師 II (132~156萬)
E6 — 資深工程師 III (156~180萬)

E7 — 首席工程師 I (180~204萬)
E8 — 首席工程師 II (204~228萬)
E9 -— 首席工程師 III (228~264萬)
E10 — CTO (264~312萬)

15 分鐘 - 申請並填寫問卷
2.5 小時 - 線上考試
30 分鐘 - 電話聯絡
1 小時 - 面試
2 週內 - 通知決定,歡迎加入我們的團隊!

In addition to applying here on CakeResume, you must apply on our website.

Avance Venture Lab is searching for a few brilliant minds to join our hunt for impact through technology.

We are a small, early-stage software start-up, founded by Stanford and MIT alumni, based in Taipei. Our team of founders, investors, and advisors has experience in engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, and consulting in Silicon Valley and New York.

We are looking for Full-Stack Engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset.

我們是一家在台北快速成長中的軟體新創,由 Stanford 史丹佛大學和 MIT 麻省理工學院的校友創立。我們的創辦人、投資者和顧問團隊在矽谷和紐約擁有科技、企業、財經和管理諮詢的經驗,專門創造應用軟體去解決全球消費者和主要商務行業的問題。

我們正在尋找優秀人才,加入我們的團隊一起創造有影響力的科技。如果你是一位具有創業精神、自律好學 Full Stack JavaScript Programmer 全端軟體工程師,想創造新科技去解決問題,想在一個快速發展的新創中,開發高績效的程式,我們希望能認識你!

作為早期的團隊成員,你必須是一個積極主動、有活力、有責任感且熱忱的全端 JS programmer,有興趣快速的從頭到尾研究、開發 application prototypes。


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