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Bithouse Inc. is building a NFT project and a metaverse social platform, we are looking for a multi-talented/self-motivated teammate to join us at a very exciting stage in our growth.

As a Business Development Specialist in Bithouse, you will work with potential teammates from different verticals and evaluate/develop strategic business opportunities. You will provide industry insights and open to present business development strategies/plans and key issues to cross-functional teams.

[Business Development Specialist]

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  1. Demonstrate a good understanding of company products, be able to promote our product and reach the people in cryptocurrency, NFT communities.
  2. Proactively engage the cryptocurrency, NFT players, whales and create marketing strategies in related communities via Telegram, Discord, etc.
  3. Gain a deep understanding of customer experience, give feedbacks, fill product gaps and generate new ideas that grow user base, improve customer experience and drive growth.
  4. Use market and competitor research to advise product strategy decisions.
  5. Proactively engage the related communities to promote and inspire new cryptocurrency, metaverse platform or blockchain ideas to be built.
  • 需要負責一個或者多個地區的區塊鏈、虛擬幣社群、或 DAO 社群推廣
  • 能夠熟練使用海外社交平臺,了解各平臺社群生態,能夠帶動社群活躍氛圍
  • 熟悉公司產品,了解不同地區區塊鏈社群參與者特性,並根據這些特性協助擬定營銷策略
  • 配合市場策劃和產品執行在當地的市場活動及運營活動

Yêu cầu


  1. Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.
  2. Strong communication, presentation and negotiation skills, especially in ice-breaking sales and marketing.
  3. Love to try new products and seek to understand user behavior.
  4. Passionate, self-motivated, doer-spirit, result oriented, and good team player.
  5. Proficient in speak and write in English, ability to communicate in English and Mandarin fluently.
  6. Quick learner in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Experience working in a fast-paced startup environment.
  2. Technology related marketing or business development experience are preferred.
  3. Deep connections with cryptocurrency, NFT, blockchain communities are desirable.
  4. Experience with blockchain and knowledge of NFT, cryptocurrency.
  5. Ability to communicate in Korean fluently is preferred.

Cover letter, resume and work portfolio email to [email protected], please put work title in the subject.

*** The salary range is for reference and the actual salary will be further discussed with the candidate***

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