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Bebememo is the destination for your baby's memories. It's easier than ever to make a fantastic video for your baby. It is also a secure, private family photo/video sharing space. Now let's capture and share every special moment in your child or pet's life. With Bebememo, you can create videos so easily by providing easy-to-use tools to capture your baby's daily moments. In the meanwhile, upload your device photos onto your baby’s timeline, auto-sort them by age, tag them with special notes and diary entries, and privately and securely share them with grandparents and other family members.

Our vision is to enable families to create digital expressions of their love that they can share and cherish for generations to come.


— Unleash whatever you want 💡


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Responsibilities: 1,和產品開發團隊一起製定市場營銷相關策略 2,主動拓展項目方資源,邀請他們使用產品 3,維護與客戶的關系,為客戶提供幫助,並收集反饋 4,與行業內其它項目的合作,資源互換
40K ~ 60K TWD / mois
1 years of experience required
Managing staff numbers: not specified

工作內容 1.在社交媒體平台(Facebook、Twitter、Youtube、Discord 等)上開發和管理英語和中文區塊鏈community; 2.參與公司產品的規劃和推廣,對產品的市場和受眾有深度洞察,積極調整市場和行銷策略; 3.積極和國外加密社群、NFT/虛擬貨幣項目方聯繫互動,通過Telegram, Discord,twitter等相關社群製定市場策略招募潛在用戶; 4.和相關...
35K ~ 55K TWD / mois
1 years of experience required
No management responsibility