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[Bellwether] 兼職媒體公關人員 Part-Time Public Relations Specialist

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Bellwether is actively seeking part-time public relations specialists who have a strong passion for startups and innovation and possess a unique writing style.

As one of our RP, you will have the opportunity to engage directly with the company's founders, gaining deep insights into their vision, concepts, and ideas. Your words will serve as a powerful medium to convey this enthusiasm and industry knowledge, impacting the public with your stories.

We welcome exceptional writers who meet the following criteria, regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an experienced writer. If you have the passion, creativity, and willingness for long-term collaboration, we are excited to work with you!

【工作內容&職責 Job description & Duty】

  1. 制定公司社群媒體發文策略 Developing Company's Social Media Posting Strategy.
  2. 協助經營及攥寫社群媒體文章 Assisting in managing and drafting social media posts.
  3. 廣告文案發想 Generating ideas for advertising copywriting.

* 發文內容皆須英文 All content shall be written in English.

    【薪酬與福利 Wages and Welfare】

    時薪 NTD$ 180 / 一週工作3天 / 一天8小時 - 工作天數及時數可議

    NTD$ 180 per hour / three working days per week / 8 hours per day - Working day and hour can be discussed

    【工作類型 Job Type】

    兼職 Part Time

    請將履歷及作品集寄至Please email your CV and portfolio to the address below
    [email protected]

    更多資訊請參考官網 For more vacancies information

    Looking forward to your onboarding.


    【應試條件 Applicant requirements】

    1. 新聞系、媒體傳播系或其餘相關學士學位為佳 Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, mass communication or other related fields.
    2. 具備英語文案撰寫能力,重視寫作與閱讀流暢與邏輯 Possess English copywriting skills with a focus on fluent and logical writing and reading comprehension.
    3. 需有撰稿、新聞彙整及英中編譯能力 Ability to draft articles, compile news, and translate between English and Chinese.
    4. 平時關注國際新聞,對議題敏銳度高,並能快速吸收產業知識 Regularly monitor international news, demonstrate high sensitivity to issues, and quickly absorb industry knowledge.
    5. 具消化龐雜資訊、蒐集資料能力 Ability to digest complex information and gather data.
    6. 能夠長期配合 Capable of a long-term collaboration.
    7. 需能夠配合歐洲時差 Ability to accommodate European time zones is required.

    有以下特質為佳 Personal traits we preferred:

    1. 具創新思考與創意 Innovative and creative
    2. 對科技創新事務感到興趣 General interest in innovative technology
    3. 理解能力強 Strong comprehension

    Interview process

    【面試流程 Interview process】

    線上面試 Online Interview - 由公司創辦人親自面試並與面試者分享願景 Conducted by the company's founders, who will personally interview and share the company's vision with the interviewees.

    測驗 Task - 公司會提供一個主題請面試者攥寫一篇發文內容 The company will provide a topic and ask interviewees to draft content for publication.

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    No requirement for relevant working experience
    180 TWD / hour
    100% Remote Work
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    About us

    【關於我們 About Bellwether Taiwan】

    Bellwether Advanced Mobility Solutions (瑞鑑航太) 是英國新創公司 Bellwether Industries 關係企業。聚焦於城市空中交通載具的設計與工程研究,從飛行載具研發起步,推動先進智慧移動解決方案,打造未來智慧交通的全新型態。
    Bellwether Advanced Mobility Solutions is an affiliate enterprise of a UK-based startup Bellwether Industries Limited. Starting with compact aircraft and drone research and development, Bellwether Taiwan is specialised in advanced mobility solutions covering design, engineering, and business consultancy services.

    國際化視野 International Vision

    Bellwether 能帶給你國際化的視野與經歷,涉足歐洲、中東與亞洲等,將培養有潛力的夥伴成為全球佈局的一份子,踏入新創與資本領域。
    Bellwether can bring you international vision and experience across Europe, Middle East, and Asia. We cultivate potential partners to become members of the global tactics and step into the startup and venture territory. 


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