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Job Description

🌟 Join Our Dynamic Team! Digital Marketing Internship Position Available 🌟

Are you a digital marketing enthusiast with a passion for influencer marketing? Are you the kind of person who spends hours exploring YouTube and Instagram, fascinated by the power of content creators? Look no further! We are thrilled to expand our team and currently have a fantastic internship for a Digital Marketing Associate.

Job Description:

1. Collaborate with influencers in the US/UK markets, analyze campaign results, and foster lasting relationships as part of our dynamic influencer marketing initiatives.

2. Support the execution of diverse digital marketing projects, with a particular focus on YouTube, Instagram, and other social platforms.

3. Conduct market research and contribute to insightful analysis.

4. Take part in the planning and execution of engaging online events.

5. Handle various tasks assigned by mentors.

1. 與美國/ 英國市場Influencer合作, 進行後續成果分析與關係維護

2. 支援數位行銷專案、協助市場調查分析

3. 協助線上活動企劃與執行

4. 處理主管交辦事項



1. Commitment to working a minimum of 3 weekdays per week (a minimum of half-year)

2. Exceptional English proficiency (TOEIC score of 800 or above).

3. Strong business writing skills in English.

4. Quick thinking, excellent teamwork, and a passion for continual learning.

5. Familiarity with US/UK social media culture across platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and other forums.

Preferred Qualifications (Bonus Points!):

1. Video editing/photo retouching skills (proficiency in PS/AI/PR is a plus).

2. Knowledgeable about gaming communities with a high level of understanding of gaming-related information (experience in playing games on PC/PlayStation/Xbox, etc., is preferred).


1. 每週平日可到班3天以上 (最短實習半年)
2. 英文能力佳 (多益800分以上)
3. 英文商業書信撰寫能力佳
4. 反應快、邏輯佳、具團隊合作能力及具高度學習熱忱
5. 熟悉美國/ 英國社群文化(YouTube/ Twitch/ Instagram/ TikTok/ Twitter/ Reddit/其他forum)

1. 會剪片/ 修圖 (熟悉PS/ AI/ PR佳)
2. 熟悉遊戲社群、對gaming相關資訊掌握度高 (有在玩PC/ Play Station/ Xbox等平台的遊戲佳)

Interview process

Interview Process

1. Phone call interview

2. In-person interview and test for English proficiency (can be conducted online if needed)


1. 電話面試

2.實體面試與英文能力測驗 (如有需求可以線上方式進行)

No requirement for relevant working experience
183 ~ 183 TWD / hour
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183 ~ 183 TWD / hour