Company summary

Betravelo was founded because we are frustrated by the poor experience offered to business travelers when booking, managing and expensing business trips. Business travelers either have to use outdated tools with a horrible UX, consumer platforms that are not designed for corporate travel, or rely on old school travel agents. We believe that there is a better way using modern technology. Betravelo 之所以成立,是因為我們對商務旅行者在預定管理和報銷商務旅行時所提供的糟糕體驗感到失望.商務旅行者不得不使用過時的工具,或是依賴傳統的旅行社.因此我們相信使用現代技能為使用者帶來更便利與更佳的體驗. We are building a travel tech platform that simplifies the entire business travel process while delighting employees with a great experience. We are using data, design, and great customer service to build a highly personalized, easy to use platform that allows companies to book, manage, track and expense business trips all in one place. This creates value for companies via higher productivity and financial savings while delighting employees, taking the pain out of business travel. 我們正在建立一個旅遊技術平台,簡化整個商路旅行過程,同時為旅客帶來愉快的體驗。我們使用數據、設計、和優質的客戶服務來構建一個高度個性化,易於使用的平台,並允許公司在同一個地方預定、管理、追蹤和支付旅行費用,通過提高便利性(生產率)、節省資金為公司創造價值,並同時讓員工感到滿意的服務,減輕了商務旅行所帶來的痛苦。 Business Travel is a huge industry globally, valued at over $1.3 Trillion and with employees going on over 500 million business trips per year. By solving this problem we aim to build a very large and valuable company while enabling the connections and relationships that allow businesses to grow and prosper. 商務旅行在全球範圍內是一個價值超過1.3兆美元的巨大產業,每年全球進行商務旅遊的人數超過5億次。通過提升使用者體驗,解決旅行中所產生的種種麻煩問題,我們的目標是建立具有價值且規模龐大的公司,聯繫客戶與員工、產業與市場,實現公司繁榮發展,與促進彼此相互連結。 We have an ambitious, international team, and experienced team to tackle this product. Betravelo's leadership has prior experience from building successful startups in Asia and leading global companies. Betravelo's co-founders have previously worked in leading organizations such as Bain & Company, Microsoft, NASA, Moody’s, and Ctrip. 我們是一個野心勃勃且經驗豐富的國際團隊,Betravelo的領導層之前在亞洲擁有許多優秀的經驗,從在國際大型公司擔任重要職位或與著名公司合作,例如: Bain & Company, Microsoft, NASA, Moody's, Ctrip,到在亞洲建立一個成功的新創公司。

Employee benefits

每年20個帶薪休假日 (20 paid vacation days per year) 每年5個國外工作日 (5 work abroad days per year) 在世界任何地方工作,我們將支付50%的機票 (Work from anywhere in the world, we will pay 50% of the airfare ticket)

Work environment

良好的工作環境與扁平的組織 (Flat organization - No hierarchy) 靈活的工作時間 (Flexible working hours)


Axel Regnström